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Masterdebation with Rivs, and Bee

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on June 30, 2010 by Bee

Topic: In World of Warcraft,  Whats more difficult in terms of skill, gear, talent, etc… PvE, or PvP?

Riv says
Anything in WoW is dependent on two things, Gear, and Skill. I always believed skill is worth more then gear, but as you get better and better gear things do get easier no matter what your doing PvPing, or PvEing. Mind you this is an observation, but I feel PvE is harder in terms of it’s end game raiding. I tell you why.
1. Good PvE gear is harder to get, I can get 1k resilience, and doable PvP gear in a matter of weeks, not months like good, decent PvE gear.
2. More coordination is involved, and you need to follow the strat, I’m working with 9 to 24 other people, and we need to be on point to make things happen.
3. If PvE was so simple, everyone would be walking around with Kingslayer titles.
4. When I PvP, it usually boils down to solo act, or zerg action, and zerging as we all know takes no skill.
5. Resilience has made PvP easier, Once you have it, you live longer, thus you take more chances.
6. PvP is more forgiving, I can still PvP with crappy gear, While you won’t be able to raid if you can’t pull your weight.
7. There’s no skill in Arena, it’s all about gear, and class combos. Like a giant game of rock, paper, scissors.
8. It takes more planning, and preperation to be involved in raiding, in terms of making sure you have stuff for buffs, and right class combos.
9. In PvE, you fail, your team fails, your locked out. In PvP your failure only lasts as long as the BG, or Arena your in.
10. In PvP everyone is a winner, regardless if you lose or win, you get honor to buy better gear. In PvE you don’t kill anything, you get shite.
For these reasons I believe PvE is for lack of a better term… is more difficult. Now lets hear what  Bee has to say on this, if she can stop shopping for shoes online for a second, or whatever girls do with there spare time.

Bee Says….

I can think of 2 main reasons that PVP is harder than PVE.


  1. An ever-changing landscape of play. PVE is predictable. You have the ability to study the mechanics of a boss fight in order to get better and eventually achieve success. Although the basic structure of a BG or Arena will always be the same – the forces against you will always be different. There is no way to plan.
  2. No choice of teammates. When forming a PVE raid you have the ability to carefully pick and choose each raid member based upon their spec/abilities/gear/non-combat pet/sexy-vent-voice. In a BG, you could queue as a party with up to 5 people – however, not everyone has such luxuries. Even if you do, you will still have at least half of your team that could be complete morons. It only takes one of these morons to cap snowfall graveyard.

Basically, you can think of PVP as a raid where you have no choice in who is on your raid team and no idea who you will be fighting against. To be fair… You do find out where you will be playing and who you will be playing with and against a whole two minutes before the round begins.  Don’t worry, that’s plenty of time  properly buff each player and determine a strategy for success – all without knowing the abilities of your enemy.  Also, there is no vent in most BG’s. Better learn to type and run at the same time.

Now, Arenas are a different beast all together. I will just simply state, that arenas have no real predictability. Yes you can setup winning teams – and some work better than others. But, I know when I’m raiding ICC that Professor Putricide isn’t going to surprise me. I know his abilities. I have infinite time to prepare to fight against him. I know if the tank in the group is doing his job that I will never have to worry about getting Putricide aggro. In Arena play, you can prepare and study… but you never really can know what the other team might throw your way. Riv says it’s all about gear and class combos. Well I could say the same of raiding. Do you know what classes the most recent team to win Blizzard’s 5-man arena tournament consisted of? Four rogues and a frost mage. Yes, I realize that 5v5 was played for bragging-rights only. I just point this out to show that Arenas are not always so cut and paste. If you had told me a 5v5 team with no healer was gonna take the top spot, I probably would have laughed in your face.

The gear system for PVP, due to the recent increases in honor earned per battleground (and also the advent of random battlegrounds), has become a lot easier. I’ll admit that. However, it still takes an extreme amount of dedication and skill (2200+ Arena rating) to obtain all of the very best Wrathful gear items. So yes, you grind time in BG’s and farm arena points to get a nice relentless/wrathful gear set. But that’s all you’re gonna be able to do without having some major dedication and skill. PVE gear grind could be as simple as farming daily heroics. Two frost badges a day + a long ass time = a four-set bonus T10 gear set. (add in a weekly 10man/25 man pug of ICC and the weekly raid for even faster frost badge accumlation). I’m comfortable saying  a decent PVE set is just as easy to farm for as a decent PVP set. It doesn’t take a huge amount of skill or class knowledge.  You can be carried through daily heroics just as easily as your team in a BG can carry you. 

In closing, PVP is a greater test of a player’s skill because it is unpredictable. I think some loveable retard once said something about a box of chocolates… wish I could remember, wait was that you who said that Rivs? I bet it would be appropriate here.

Masterdebation with Bee, and Rivs

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Topic: Who is more important – the healer or the tank in World of Warcraft?

Bee says….


I see the merit of tanks.  They keep the ferocious mobs and bosses off of the precious dps and us healers. They take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’.  I won’t debate that tanks are a necessary piece of the raid puzzle.  Before I begin, allow me to thank you all for the work you do.

But us healers are more important.  Why?  Well, aside from the fact that when we are doing our job right, you stay alive – we are here fix your mistakes.  Did you lose aggro to that rogue?  Don’t worry, here I am with a Pain Suppression and a bubble.  Are you standing in the blue/green/red stuff on the floor?  Here… have a bubble and a penance.

The second, and I believe most convincing, reason a healer is more important?  Our jobs are constantly changing.  I have never once had a fight in ICC go the same as it did the time before.  Every fight requires prioritizing and raid awareness, and the ability to roll with the punches.  I think tanks have a pretty standard plan of attack.  Draw aggro, keep aggro, move out of the blue/green/red stuff on the floor (rinse and repeat).  For a healer the same fight could be… Heal tank. Save stupid DPS that aggroed the boss. Get out of the green stuff.  Mass dispel the magic debuff.  OMG THE OTHER TANK HEALER GOT SLIMED, hurry dispell!!! The unholy dk just got mind controlled and is attacking the mage… PAIN SUPPRESS… Why is that shaman standing in the fucking green stuff…. BUBBLE.

I think you get my point.


Yeah ok, so maybe we need tanks in AV and Isle.  Of course I’ve seen a retribution paladin successfully tank Vanndar Stormpike, and I myself have personally healed a hunters pet as it tanked Balinda Stonehearth (Tenacity ftw).  However, there is nothing that is more wonderful than realizing I have a prot warrior holding our flag in Warsong Gulch – I’ll give you that. 

But imagine for a second, a battleground with no healers.  Doable? Yes.  But I wouldn’t even want to read the battleground-chat nerd rage that ensues.  When I enter a battleground on my priest I know I am making a major contribution, especially on the smaller 10 and 15 man BG’s.  My presence is known in a WSG.  There is no better compliment that can be received in a BG, than being instantly targeted every time I go with in range of the enemy.  Annoying? Of course, but that just means I’m doing my job and I’m getting noticed. 

I think there is a reason that I’ve seen “ZOMG kill the healers first noob!!” scroll through my battleground chat screen many times. 

In closing: Healers are more important.  You can only hold aggro if you are alive.

(P.S. DPS is left out of this discussion because they are of no importance at all.) lol

Riv Says….

Bee did you get into the white-out again, please quit huffing it, it kills lots of brain cells…Sure Healers are important, I’m not going to say they are not. As a tank, I played a warrior from Vanilla all the way to Wrath, then just concentrated on my Mage, I noticed time and again that the healer never went down mana, and alot of times would be standing around doing nothing. Heck I think one time a healer went AFK on me.


 How long would the healer last without the tank, not to long. Tanks are the first line, the only line that the mob needs to get through to hit the healers. Ok lets take a scenario and remove the tank from a pull. Someone pulls the mobs, once the first heal is cast, mobs come running to healers…healer dead.  Ok lets do another scenario with out a healer. Tank pulls, tank starts getting lower on health (except Pally Tank, he can heal himself, and so can a Blood DK tank), he can pop a potion, gets low again, then pops a warlock stone, hell someone could maybe even bandage a tank. The reason Blizzard put the limitations on the Potions, because it WAS taking the healers job.  So next time your fighting mobs, just take a look back at the healer….might have to wake him up.

PvP –

There are healers in PvP? All I ever see are Cats, Boomkins, Shadow Priests, and Retardins. The healers that are there are always laying on the ground dead. OMG you mean we’ll have to respawn few feet away. Warsong Gulch you might need a healer for the flag carrier, other then that they are just another corpse I have to walk over.  

Bottomline – Tanks are more important, because dead healers can’t cast heals.

P.S. Another reason DPS is needed, and healer not so much…dead monsters don’t do damage, kill faster!

Masterdebation with Rivs, and Bee

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Topic: Do Female Players in WoW, have it easier than Male Players?
Rivs says….
I think yes, they have it easier generally. I remember not to long ago I played a girl toon, and tried to play it as a girl…well the stereotypical girl. A lot of giggles, hugs, and dancing naked. I got it things, and gold handed to me. Even the opposite faction would sometimes come up to me and just dance, and flirt with me. I’m sure every girl has a story to tell of that ONE skeevy dude, or jackass that thinks because you have a vagina you’re a little slower on hitting the keyboard, or the young Casanova who goes a little too far, and may or may not even talked to someone with boobs, or maybe he has a wonderful set of man boobs himself and really hasn’t seen a vagina since he came out of one.
Just in my normal day-to-day observations, most of the guilds I’ve been  with always had a few female members, and they were fiercely protected, like we were their big brothers. Hell there was a huge fight one time when one guild member said something to a female guild member, but a lot of people protected the female guild member like she needed to be guarded. I didn’t take either side in the matter cause at the time I thought it was all silly.
The problem is sometimes we as men, don’t even realize were doing something. We’ve been conditioned to be providers, and defenders of the fairer sex. So when we know it’s a girl we go into the “Male” Mode. There’s been a backlash to this though, most other guys assume that every player is a guy, unless we hear you over vent, or you send us naked photos (my email is cc0926(at)gmail(dot)com.) Oh and by the way all girls sound hot over vent. So maybe girls might get a little oversensitive cause, we are treating you like one of the guys, but that’s another topic.
Bottomline I think Girls do have it easier for the most part, because they will most likely get everything they want in the game, even if the suck they will get carried along by their husband, boyfriend, mindless sex slave, and they don’t have to work as hard as us regular Dudes. Easy, you know Bee sort of like you on a Saturday night after a drink or two……

Bee says….

Not too long ago you played a girl toon, like a girl, Riv?  I knew you were into trannies, but this is taking things to a whole new level.  How about we get information on how it is to be a woman in WoW from an actual woman?  This way we won’t have any penis-tucking injuries.

Being an authentic woman, I got my boobs and vagina together and we conferenced about what we feel is easier/harder in WoW because I’m female.  I should preface by saying that I don’t act like the “typical girl” when I play WoW.  I don’t /giggle or /flirt all the time, I don’t dance naked atop the Org bank.  I try to stay pretty low-key.  After checking my statistics I see that I have “hugged” 26 times on my main.  I would venture to say 24 of those hugs were Ally characters that I killed that had yet to rez.

Ok, three things I think are easier:

1.) Easier to get gold. I had been doing BG’s with a warrior a couple of times a month for a while.  If he was on, and I was on at the same time we would group up and do some killing.  He always referred to me as “dude” or “man” or “bro.”  I never chose to correct him, cause really, “Um ‘scuse me ima grrl kthxbai” just never seemed appropriate.  One Saturday him and some guildmates were doing a raid on Stormwind.  He asked me along, and I agreed.  Then came the Vent instructions.  I hesitated at first, but in the end – in the interest of the raid – I obliged.  The second I said something in vent, things changed.  I went from his “Bro” to getting whispers asking for my phone number.  He just kept saying he wanted to text me.  He even offered to buy my cold-weather flying if I passed along my phone number.  5000g for a phone number?   Although a juicy offer, I default to the fact that I’m not a whore.

2.) Performances in BG’s and Raids not as scrutinized. I don’t think women are expected to perform as well as men, and so our performance in dps, heals, etc is not as harshly judged.  This could be great for someone just wanting to get carried, but I think it hurts those females that really want to get better and could use constructive criticism.  This, of course, does not apply to me as I am the leetest Disc priest to grace Azeroth. I can already sense Riv’s jealousy of this point.  Think how nice it would be if women weren’t constantly scrutinizing your performance

3.) Easier to get invites into Raids. *Lonely gamer-boy thinks to himself* If I invite her then maybe she’ll send me pics/cyber with me! I did a GDKP ICC 25man last week where it was required to have a 5k gear score and 3000g.  Every person was supposed to show gold to the raid leader before they would be considered.  I got in, without anyone viewing my gold. Before Marrowgar someone asked why I hadn’t said anything yet.  When I said “hello” in vent it was followed by man-giggles.  

And three things that I think are harder:

1.) An initial respect for my gaming skill. I believe female gamers are seen as weaker than male gamers.  And (don’t hate me ladies) I think there is some truth behind that.  I’m not saying that men are programmed to be better at games than women. I just think that society is more accepting of a male gamer than a female gamer. The more socially acceptable something is, the easier the path to success and skill becomes. Also, I think a majority of women that play WoW, began playing it because their husband/boyfriend plays.  When I go bowling with a boyfriend, I rarely win – and no, it’s not because I’m a bad bowler.  Every guy needs a good ego stroking from time to time.  Also, since us women are the more caring of the sexes, we will participate in activties that we normally could give two shits about, just to make you happy.  News flash: No women like UFC.  You say she tells you she likes it? She’s lying.  But look at the bright side, she must care about you an awful lot to sit through bloody man-on-man groping.

2.) Playing WoW being a socially acceptable thing among your friends. I would explain further, but I think that Mary over at sums it up perfectly here.  – Yeah, all of my male friends know I play WoW.  They also know what WoW is.  I would say 2 of my female friends know I game and neither one of them has ever heard of WoW.

3.) The penises of male WoW players. What can I say? I’ve been told I have a very sexy vent voice.


To sum things up:  I think for actual play in the game – women do have it easier.  But when it comes to the balance of gaming/real life and being respected as a “real” player – it’s much more difficult to be a girl. Also, we’ve learned that Riv not only likes trannies, he aspires to be one.