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Let’s talk about Sex.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , , on January 7, 2010 by theerivs

Ask for it by name.

Well over at the Inn, Forbearance, Pretty and Plate, and various other spots in the Blogosphere they are discussing the LFG tool, Recu…err Recount, and Gearscore and bringing it to a dirty…dirty place.

And I LOVE it.

LFG Tool.

Yes I want to have a multitude of partners, and spread my wild oats all over my battlegroup. I want tanks, and priests to think fondly of me going, that Frostscourge never blows all his cooldowns too early, or never brings flaccid DPS.

Like a guy at a sausage fest at the bar, I have to wait for my turn to dance with the cute chick. This is what the LFG tool is like for me.  I have to wait, and wait for the LFG tool to pop, and when I do sometimes I get a lockout cause “Instance cannot be launched”, and I learned No means No.

Tell you the truth, I miss the old days when you had to whoo a group to get into a dungeon. Where’s the Romance

Recount, and Gear Score.

Meg says Recount is like a Vagina. I beg to differ it is like a Penis. Alot of the immature Kids whip it out, and like to measure it. Show it off, flip it around. Even when it’s small they make excuses like it’s cold in Northrend. Us more mature men like to look at it only when we need to, like when we really are using it the way it’s suppose to, or after we feel we really rocked it out of the park, I like to look at it and go good job lil Frostie.

Gearscore is like an ass,  Sure it could be used for fun, but half the time people do it wrong and it just plain hurts.  It makes alot of noise, and it really stinks.

Do Girls have E-peens?

Yes they do, and some times their bigger than mine. Which gives me a complex at the urinals and they hike up their dress.

I like Pie!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on January 5, 2010 by theerivs

Their seems to be a tornado on the blogosphere in regards to tools like Gearscore, and Recount.  I’m old school, I’ve been playing this game since Beta. Not something I’m bragging about it just is. On the old Blizz forums when arguments got heated someone would say simply.” I like Pie.” 

“I like Pie” turned into a metaphor for this argument is moot because it’s based on opinion. Sure there was the Cake vs Pie battles of 2005, and I won’t discuss it…we lost alot good men and women who….*sniffle* Now enjoy Cake more then Pie.

There is an old saying, that stands true now in MMO’s more then ever and that’s the masses are ignorant, and fickle. This craze with recount, and gearscore will die down…I hope. Lets face it though, I like to win. Yeah it’s your 15 bucks a month, but you know what if your playing on my team, and you ain’t pulling your weight, and I’m trying to the best I can. Listen then your not going to be on my team for long. Hey I know my stats, I know what’s important to be a mage, and do basically well. Sure I could tweak things better, but I don’t need a tool or addon to tell me how to play Clue, why the hell would I need something to tell me to play WoW better.

Listen I read, I learn, I try things out, I put in time to be better, make myself better whether thats putting in the work to get better gear, selling my soul to buy better gems, or grinding for hours to get the mats I need for the bracers I need to make. If I’m willing to do all this, and your not even willing to try your best, then we ain’t playing together for long. Does this make me Elitist, then fine. Here’s the difference though I will give you a chance to prove yourself. If you fail then you fail, but if we succeed then you will hear no complaints from me. If asked how they can be a better player, I will make suggestions out of my own experience, but I will never tell someone they HAVE to do something, cause I may be wrong.  Well to sum it all up I made my own personal set of rules, on how I deal with PUGS. Doesn’t matter if it’s 5 man or 25 man.

My Pug Commandments.

1. Give every PUG a chance no matter what their gear, alas if thou PUG be sucketh. Leaveth.

2. Thou shall give 3 times to kill the boss, if thy has to do it the 4th. Thou must leave.

3. If thou Pug leader insists on things like Gearscore, then thy Leader may be full of fail. Thou shall not join.

4. If Thy Job Gets Done in Relative Good Time, Collect Thy Rewards, and Thou Shall Not Complain!

5. If thine other players are doing something wrong, and we fail, then thou may correct them, but thouest knowest in thy heart of hearts they are full of fail…prepare thyself for leaving.

6.  If thou is unhappy with something, do not complain, take charge and create/ lead your own PUG to the promise lands.

7. If thou are still unhappy about the PUGS, then go unto your own way, and farm for some Eternal Fires. For tomorrow brings more worthy PUGGERS.  

8. Thou shall not boast your gearscore, or thy recount for they are but mere tools to measure your performance.

9. Skill > Gear all the time, everytime. So while though is upgrading your gear, make sure to keep abreast of any changes to your class of choice in terms of rotations, or talent selections.

10. Thou shall not act like a douchebag, until it is time to act like a douchebag.