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The Zoo is Closed

Posted in MMORPG with tags on May 12, 2014 by theerivs

warlock12This is the deck I’m using, it’s a variant of Reynad’s Zoo Deck. It got me to rank 15, and I have to say it’s pretty cool. Now though it’s like I hit a brick wall, alot of mage decks, and warrior decks are just tearing me up. I see that the zoo deck has a real problem in the late game. especially with decks with tons of legendaries.

I found this little gem of a website, and I will try my hand at some of these decks.  I’m afraid though that without spending some dough I might not get the better cards. We’ll see.

In other news I cancelled my WoW sub for a bit, I want it to match up to my payday so for the next couple days it will give me time to work on my GW2, SWTOR, and of course Hearthstone.

There is Only Zoo

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on May 8, 2014 by theerivs

zuul-ghostbusters-terror-dogI was talking about the Reynad’s Zoo deck (actually a slightly modified version of his)  yesterday so much, I actually never played it. I mean how awesome could it be?

I just have to say, it’s pretty fucking amazing. I mean I went 14-2 yesterday in ranked play, best I ever did..ever. I feel dirty though…real dirty like a dirty crack whore. Sure it felt good to win, but I was winning on someone else’s hard work. Like I made a deal with the devil, and at the end my soul will be forfeit.

Also it’s not all powerful, sometimes the RNG gods played me falsely. Both times I lost to a warrior, I really never got a good warrior deck going, but things like whirlwind really rip this deck apart. I think it was because I got higher costing cards early, and that set back the tempo.

Though this Zoo is powerful, I think maybe some changes could be made.

I’m really not a fan of those Harvest Golems. I was thinking flipping it out for a Blood Knight, take advantage of those shields if I have Squires out, and a Flesh Eating Ghoul, lot of lowbies could mean alot of deaths that ghoul can get high fast.  Not a huge..huge fan of the Doomguards cause of the discard option, but that charge is huge kick in the butt.

I’d like to build a good warrior deck too, I’m thinking this…or maybe this.

Well a lot of tweaks and such coming up, but still impressed with this deck I had to say something.

Your Soul Shall Suffer

Posted in MMORPG with tags on May 7, 2014 by theerivs

warlockhearthWell since I was talking a lot of Hearthstone yesterday on Ye Olde Twitter I got a hankering to do some.  So I had a couple quests I needed to finish up. I’ve seen made decks already like the Zoo Warlock, and such but I have an issue, I get more enjoyment out of building my own decks, and trying to find the diamond in the rough. One day I’ll stumble upon the awesomest deck ever and become world famous…or at least get to rank 20 to get some different card backs.

The quests was Druid, and Rogue centric so I built a Druid deck it was alright, lost to a priest but won against a Hunter, Mage and then a Warrior to finish the quest. I’ve been trying to go Taunt heavy to see how that fairs, like I said it was ok, and I think the lost to the priest was more of an RNG thing, getting none of my lower cards, and bunch of my higher end cards.   The Rogue deck I mixed up a bit and went all murlocs pretty much, I just needed one win to finish a dominance quest I didn’t finish and I just came out fast and strong against another Rogue, so much so the Rogue conceded by like the 5th turn.

Oh look I had enough gold for a little Arena, let’s give it a shot. I chose a Warlock hero, and the RNG gods were not kind at all, I think the only demons I got was 2 Voidwalkers, and a Doomguard. Which the Doomguard I love them, but hate the two card discard, love summoning them too. I had to play a Hunter, and let me tell you it was hard fought, but in the end I won, which I was totally shocked. I thought I would call it a night, end on a high note, and then return to it tomorrow.

We’ll see if this deck will garner more wins, but to be honest I don’t have much hope.

My Little Pony

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on March 12, 2014 by theerivs

06So Hearthstone went live yesterday and as a thank you they are giving you a pretty cool flying mount in World of Warcraft, a blue or red flying horse, which actually looks pretty cool. You have to win 3 times in play or arena to get your new horsey. Everyone who was doing Play was getting the blue horse it seemed.  So I’ll crush it in Arena. I went with Mage hero, and I drew some nice cards especially the pyroblast card. I was crushing it in Arena won 5 in a row until I lost 3 in a row a mage, then a pally, then another mage…to be honest the last one my heart wasn’t in it.

I logged into WoW to check my mount…damn it i got blue. Did anyone get red?  I wanted to get some easy pvp points, so I took my Warlock to Domination Point, my server is really lame no one farming these pvp rares. So I tried to kill Ubunti myself….yeah he has this ability that DOT’s me and pretty much kills me. The others weren’t up, I hope one of them is a nice easy tank and spank.

After being a little disappointed I just logged for the night.

Breaking my Hearth

Posted in MMORPG with tags on February 25, 2014 by theerivs

download (3)So last night I thought I would do some Hearthstone. Still trying to tweek my Druid deck it seems like times I kick ass, others I get my ass handed to me. It’s not consistent…or the players I’m playing in Casual aren’t consistent. Whatever the case it still isn’t where I like it.

I got enough gold to step in the arena. My hero choices were Warrior, Rogue, and Paladin. I just don’t feel I’m good with the Warrior, or Rogue though I like alot of their abilities/cards I just don’t know how to get that synergy. So I went with the Palading. I got a bunch of slop. Really I got that crab that eats murlocs, and not a single murloc came up after that.  First two games I won actually, more so I think because luck was on my side, and the other guys playing made some critical errors. That got my hopes up…then I got my arse beat 3 times in a row.  Badly one time around, I feel there is a player in Arena that gets these awesome…awesome cards, cause I know I don’t get them.

Well like Kenny said, “Got to know when to walk away”..usually for me it’s when I get crushed like a bug.

No, we’re not homosexual, but we are *willing to learn*

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on February 24, 2014 by theerivs

harold-ramis-stripes-8Harold Ramis passed today and he’s a comedy genius. The title of this post is a line he spoke from the movie Stripes. He’s written and acted in so many classics, I would be here forever listing everything. He was also a huge fan and supporter of Chicago, where my heart will always be.  RIP, and thanks for all the laughs.

That being said, this weekend was some more of the usual. I got a pvp trinket, and did Onyxia another time and got bumpkiss. I fired up the Hearthstone as well. I was rocking my Priest deck, but I needed some Druid wins. So I played my Druid deck…it sucks lol.

So tonight I’ll twerk it a bit, and hopefully come up with something viable. I mean my Druid lost to a Warlock using the Murloc method. Yeah something needs to be done.

Arena Deck Choices

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on January 7, 2014 by theerivs

ConfusedSo I’ve been getting Hearthstoned lately, and seems to me I’ve been getting the short end of the stick with card choices. I mean really do i need a +1 to spell damage on my Garrosh the warrior hero, or just getting lously choices no matter what my hero. For another example once I chose the Warlock, I didn’t get many demons at all…like 2. Really? Seriously? 

As I play other people in Arena they seem to be having such a better deck then me, and when I do win it’s sheer luck. I mean someone whipped out a Deathwing card on me, and I haven’t had something epic like that in the last 5 times I’ve been in the Arena. 

Is it pure RNG that’s screwing me, or is there something more to this equation I’m missing. All I know is I hate spending my hard earned gold, just to bent over and Blizzard not even giving me the courtesy of a reach around.  All I want to do is compete on even ground, and unless they do a better job with the randomness of things, I don’t know if it’s entirely possible. 




Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on December 11, 2013 by theerivs

bonggirlSo there are some patch changes, and two of my favorite decks have been affected. I’ll make no qualms about it but I love the Hunter, and Warlock decks I built, but a minor and major card change will effect that. 

The minor change is the Warlock’s Flame Imp. It does 3 damage to the Warlock now, instead of 2. This changes a little bit of my thinking cause it’s a great early game creature, with 2 damage that is easily made up with a good drain life, but with a cost of 3 now, it’s only one health I know, but that could be a world of difference in some matches. 

My biggest concern/hate is the Unleash the Hounds card is now 4 mana, and it summons 1/1 hounds now with charge, instead of giving your beasts +1 and charge. This is HUGE for us who love the Hunter decks.  Hell I built my Hunter Deck practically around this card. Well like World of Warcraft with every patch comes something new for your class that you love, why should Hearthstone be any different. I’ll rework my Hunter Decks and see what else I can do.

Still thinking of an Murloc heavy deck, but last time I tried that didn’t pan out so well though I think the class I was using didn’t lend itself to that. 


Deck Envy

Posted in Gaming, MMORPG with tags , , on October 28, 2013 by theerivs

tumblr_m2y7vh1Y9h1qclvneo1_1280So as you know, or may not know, Hearthstone is my latest addiction. I’ve been playing a bit. I noticed that the matchmaking system doesn’t make any sense to me. I mean one second I’m facing a total noob, then next match I’m facing people with major dragon card, Ragnaros, and Lord Jarraxus.

I mean I just have the basic cards pretty much, how can I face these people that are whipping out these monster cards. I started crafting a bit, perhaps I can make one of these awesome cards.

I have been playing the Arena alot, I figure it’s a better deal 150 gold, you usually get a deck of cards and some other stuff.  I think it’s more even keel too, cause you pick the cards ad hoc.  I wonder how it decides which hero to give you, is it random…or is there method to their madness.

Well here’s a helpful tool for Hearthstone. 

Here’s a sample of one of my Warlock decks.

Feel free to share your decks, so I can drool over them..

Hearthstone Cubed

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on October 22, 2013 by theerivs

TripletsSyp put out his 3×3 on Hearthstone, and I felt compelled to show my hand as it were as well, but unlike him you get the bad news first.


3 things that disgust me – 

1. Bugs – Yeah I’m getting some bugs, like graphical, but I think the biggest bug I loathe is when it drops me from the match. Thus it gives me a loss, and it angers me. I’ve been reporting them when I can…but it’s only Beta so I don’t let it get to me too much.

2. That Dwarf Innkeeper – I’m getting sick of being greeted by him, and him telling me stuff. Is there a way to quiet him.

3. No interrupts – I wish there was some way to block an opponent from destroying a minion you love so much. It makes me weep my poor Core Hound who I doubled health just got destroyed, I want a way to cock block that A-hole from doing that.

3 things that I like.

1. Gameplay – I think this game is easy to play, but harder to master depending on hero class. I like the fact that you get your resources regardless. I use to hate magic and that I had to hope my card align and I get my resources I need.

2. Arena – I like the way you just randomly pick cards, but I wish you get to pick the hero you want, I like RNG but not that much RNG. I think 150 gold, or 1.99 cash is a good price point too.

3. Cards – I love these cards, and I’ve spent a poop ton on getting more already. When Hearthstone goes live, I’m going to have to open like 800 decks..or maybe a little less…but it’s getting up there. Also I’m getting attached to certain minions, and I have to have certain guys in every deck.

For me the Music is full of meh too, what I would love is maybe it tap into your Itunes library, since it might be ported to that anyway. As for wanting to play WoW, I do now but it’s been taking away from my WoW. My guild leader said something one night while I’m playing Hearthstone, he said, “I see you, and just want you to know that I see you”  LOL!