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Cataclysm now less Cataclysmic

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on June 14, 2010 by theerivs

She's Cataclysmic!

What was going to rip the world of WoW asunder, and be cataclysmic might just be a little rumble and business as usual. After reading Larisa and Syp. It got me thinking as to why I play WoW, and what I am looking for in Cataclysm.

Why do I, and have I played this game for 5+ years?

1. People – I came to WoW not only because I love World of Warcraft RTS, cause I do. It’s cause alot of my old guildies from DAOC came across, and I just keep making new friends, and having fun with them.

2. Ease of Use – I can hop on, and do a Strat run in 30 minutes,a quick Wintergrasp, or even a quick random Dungeon or BG. Doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment.

3. Humor- There’s a little humor built into, and even poking fun of the kiddies, and noobs is kind of fun. Like the other day someone yelled “Looking for a 3 person mount?”  It struck as odd, but I couldn’t resist….I yelled back, “Your Mom!” Though the quests are sometimes funny, and once in awhile I come across a little easter egg, and laugh.

4. Investment – Now I invested so much into WoW, and my toon. I’m like near top of my game. I’m not the best, I know that, but I am no slouch either. I pull 5k dps with Frost…that’s mad skillz.

5. Gold – I like the AH game a bit. I like finding things to make gold on, and making it. I came to the Horde in April with 500 gold, now I’m closing in on 20k…and to me that’s pretty damn cool, but I want more. Gevlon would be proud, I enjoy earning gold, and though I’m not an inscriptionist, I still do pretty well for myself.

What do I expect from Cataclysm –

1. New and More people to do more stuff – Good thing about expansions, people take interest again. Right now my guild is scrapping for people to put together raids.

2. New places to explore – I guess I am a little bit of an explorer, I appreciate the hard work devs do to build this world, and I enjoy taking a look around, and seeing what they did. Now that I’m 80, I love roaming old, low level dungeons to look at things I missed, the little details. I run Strat daily almost, but I am always finding something new, like “oh there’s a book I can read there”

3. New chance to try something different- I am leveling a pally tank, and I just may go back to my tanking roots

4. New adventures – I’m on a newer server, with new friends…I’m looking forward in facing the new content with them.

5.  New Toys – Yeah they took away Path of the Titans, but there’s going to be some new toys to play with, especially with mages, and the time stop thing.

So yea Blizzard back tracked a bit, but I’m still looking forward to the expansion.

Girls got Cooties!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on February 4, 2010 by theerivs

Yeah, I'd rather raid with her, then you dude.

I was reading Pugger Priest, and came across this, and was like wha? Really? An All Male Guild….I admit there are some times I like a place where its men only, where a male can bond, and just be his farting, nut scratching, 17 year old boy self, usually when my latest female in my life, spears my heart, and devours it, but my MMO isn’t one of them. Even strip clubs have women, they’re called strippers….and god bless those girls.

I find it strange, you can’t handle being mature enough to do your job around women, you can’t focus on your spell rotation when a girl is around, then really if you can’t handle your job around anybody, around the different personalities in WoW male or female, then maybe you should go play a single player game. Yes it’s their 15 bucks a month, but I think their limiting themselves, while giving the male of our species a bad name, also giving into that typical male gamer stereotype. This reminds me of when I was 7, when I thought girls had cooties, and I didn’t want to get infected by their girldom 

I don’t like exclusionists, it’s worst than elitist attitudes. Even if the guild was all female it would rub me the wrong way. Though if they raided naked…I would rub myself the wrong way. Bottomline,  Sometimes we males can get a little douchebagitis, and if I was to say I would play with only straight males, then I would have missed out meeting some of the greatest players I have ever known who just happened to be women, gay, lesbian…and everything in between. Now I’ve learned that Girls got Coochies, and not Cooties….and I don’t mind those getting on me.