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Strive for Goals

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on July 5, 2011 by theerivs

Back in the day when my niece was just a baby, my brother who lived with us at the time to find my father on the floor holding a bottle with the baby some distance away from him saying, “Strive for goal Kelsey, come on get the bottle strive”  My brother told him just to feed the baby, but since then it’s become kind of a joke within our family. We utter to each other, “Come on strive for goals.”

I set out to become 85 on my Paladin this weekend, and I did it while tanking the Vortex Pinnacle, which the nice thing was I am becoming better at tanking that dungeon, and really can’t wait to hit it on Heroic.  Speaking of which, I kind of looking forward to this gear grind, I’m sure I won’t be saying that a couple weeks from now, but I’m already bought a couple pieces cheap. I’m really nervous about diving into Heroics, but I’ll get it done.

Some things I’m doing to tweak my tanking is looking into Macros, I really need to use these more in all my games. Also keybindings to make things more simple, any tanking advice is always welcomed here.

Also I made it to 40 on my mage in RIFT too, looking forward to the final 10 level out of the way there.

Goals and Ambitions.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on November 11, 2009 by theerivs

2 lofty ideals, that’s why you rarely find them here on this blog. Sure I have a list of things I would like to do before I quit WoW. 

Spinks, and Kyr both had posts stating about Goals, and other soft nougaty center stuff. I blacked out, and came too with a Jack Daniels in one hand, and a Fatty Roast Beef Sandwich with a Baby on it. Thats right kids…I do eat babies.

So after thinking about it I thought it was high time I became one of these successfull people and got me some goals. I shared them with my guild, but I’ll enlighten you folks a little more.

1. Find a Rogue Gold Farming Chinese Chick have her fall in love with me, then take advantage of her worse then the communism government.  – This would knock out my Asian chick fetish thing, and my need to farm gold. Dear lord if we had kids….hello Gevlon status.

2. Try for Baron Rivendares Mount, and fail every single Gosh Darn Time. – Why plan for success when failure is almost assured.

3. Kill Bigger, and Uglier stuff.- Ah yea, that’s what I like to do, I’m sociopathic..with a homocidal tendency. No, that doesnt mean I like guys, well if they look like hot chicks, we’ll talk. If they look like hot asian chicks, and farm gold, we’ll really talk.

4. Make Everyone in the guild hate me, but make myself so indispenable they need me. – I don’t know I just think it’s funny everyone making fun of me, but when asked what mage they must have on their raid…frostscourge.  Kind of makes me hot.  
5. Become the most hated mage on the server. – Same concept, but I just want to be so infamous it’s sick. Like Jack Sparrow, when the guy goes, “You are the worst pirate I have ever heard of.” Jack’s reply, “Ah, but you HAVE heard of me. ”
6. Sit and watch the Sunrise over Feathermoon Stronghold.- Kind of a palate cleanser really. I hate that shit hole.

7. DESTROY EVERY SINGLE THING IN THAT GOSH DARN SUPPRESSION ROOM for old times sake. – I hate that fricking place, Mages hell, I was a button mashing son of a biotch for 6 months, thanks to BC I was freed from it. Part of me kind of misses it though.
8. Do Upper Spire, lower spire for old times sake. -See if I can solo it. Lord Drakenmysac or whatever.

9. GET MY DANG PROTO DRAKE!!!! – seriously….seriously where is it.

10. Tell everyone the secret to the WoW Universe. – I have it in a sealed bottle in my room, and when I leave WoW, and spam Trade Chat with it, the WoW will explode like the Matrix.  

My point is this, it’s nice to have goals and ambitions, but this is a game. I don’t think games should be taken so seriously, even real life isn’t supposed to be taken to seriously…or you’ll never get out alive.