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General: A little bit of Lust, a whole lotta of Love.

Posted in MMORPG with tags on July 29, 2009 by theerivs


The game world is abuzz with EA’s politically correct snafu. The blogosphere is no exception. Explaining it better then me is Destructive Reach, who is appalled at this, and Syp, who kind of says it’s not EA’s fault, but part of a bigger picture that we as gamers and human’s are missing.

I agree with Syp on this matter. It’s not entirely EA’s fault, but you know what I bet they get more game sales out of it. A game that has lust in it, and or maybe hot babes. Teenage boys, or Men with the mentallity of a teenager will go and scoop this game up toot sweet.

There’s Booth Babes there at this convention, geeks line up to take pictures of it. Why? Because geeks are admiring the aesthetic beauty of a girls costume. No they are lusting after this girl.  So EA calls a spade a spade, I for one wouldn’t condemn then in fact I give them props.

I think alot of people who are condemning EA are avoiding the bigger picture, and feel like morally they need to censure EA for pointing out something that is right under everyones noses, but they refuse to see. I think the lot of them are hypocrites. 

That reminds me of a the Harold and Kumar 2. In the movie, there was a scene, it actually struck home. Harold and Kumar call the President a hypocrite. The President responds “Do you like getting hand jobs?”  Harold and Kumar reply, “Yes”  The President then asks, “Do you like giving handjobs?” Harold and Kumar say vehemently, “NO!”  The President goes on to say, “Then your hypocrites. ”

Bottomline, Do I think EA was right in what they were doing. No. Do I think the whole Booth Babes idea is stupid, Yes.  Do we really need Hot Babes to hawk games? No.  They are there for one reason only. Sex Sells. Would I like to have my picture surrounded by Booth Babes doing nasty things to me, Heck Yea.  I’m a whiskey drinking, pie-eating guy, and I’m more shallow then the kiddy pool, at low tide. Heck if EA Marketing was hiring, I would put in my resume.


Sam Raimi is directing the World of Warcraft movie. I loved him since Evil Dead. I recently saw Drag Me To Hell, and loved that movie. I just wonder what will Bruce Campbell play, and how is he going to get his Oldsmobile into that movie.