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NBI- Finding Your Voice

Posted in Writing with tags , on May 3, 2012 by theerivs

So you want to write blogs? What makes you so different then the millions of millions of other bloggers out there?  You could write about a certain niche, write a blog about Mario Kart, but as my friend Tobold told me one time it limits you, it’s like painting yourself in a corner, so be careful if your writing about one game, or even one class within the game…I didn’t listen.

No it’s a little better to give yourself some wiggle room, and be a bit of a generalist. The thing that will make you heard among the masses will be your own style, your own voice. 

Around the blogosphere, I’m a bit of a bad boy. I post half-naked women with my posts, Feminists hate me, I have an ongoing war with Role Players. My posts are usually short, and to the point, and most of the time crap, but take it or leave it….that’s me. I write like how I talk, my posts are an extension of who I am….that’s my voice.   

How do you find your voice? For some it comes naturally, god bless them. Their writing is awesome, and almost lyrical. For me it’s always a work in progress. I remember my first posts were dry, and some were even guides on how to stuff. Horrible, don’t we have enough Elitist Jerks sites out there as it is.

For me it was an evolution, but it starts with a vision. My vision for this blog has always been to entertain. The world loves a fool, and I am that fool.  What’s your vision, do you want to entertain, inform, or maybe even both?  From that I went what entertains people…and I go from there.

Why the half naked girlie pics?  Ok I’m going to let you on to a secret, i like girls. Also I think there are way to many carebears in this blogosphere, I see myself as the Man Show of blogs…if I could have girls jumping on trampolines after every post I could. We are still a male runned genre, and other guys like girls too…so sex sells…it’s the way of things.

Why the half naked hot trannies? Once in awhile I post one of these up. It’s kind of a joke on myself…and a little shock value for my readers. I like shocking people, or even angering people at times merely for the reaction. Almost Jerry Springering in fashion.

There are methods to my madness, but for you if you want to blog, find your own method, your own madness, and your own voice.

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