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No Girlz Allowed

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nogirlsSo today me and the feminists got into it today again over WoD on ye olde Twitter.  I think I’ve grown and am a little more mature since my youth, and like all Lawful Evil people I have a code I abide to, as well as they say if you want to understand someone walk a mile in their shoes, and I did. Heels are a mutha yo. Though I’m more in touch with my feminine side, I still get a knee jerk reaction from the hard core feminists.

The posts in question are namely, Why do we Fight, and Draenor Rock City. Here are my issues…

1. The Game isn’t Even Released Yet –  The game isn’t even released yet and people are picking it apart from second hand sources. I mean really give them time to work on the game, and fix issues before you tear it apart.

2. Chopper Thing – I really don’t know why Blizz is doing this, I really don’t care, but motorcycles are not just the realm of men. My girlfriend loves motorcycles. I do not. I play their game, I don’t ride around on their motorcycles.

3. Thy Name is Hypocrite –  So your still going to play when it comes out, and in your heart of hearts you call it sexist, and defamatory toward females. That makes you a hypocrite, and probably worse then someone who is ignorant.

4. Helping Hand – We need more females in gaming, these posts do more harm then good I think by scaring them into thinking video games are just filled with misogyny, and bad stuff.  I think your helping those guys that don’t want girls in video games, by knocking back the ones on the fence.

5. Being savage is not the realm of man alone –  Women are no stranger to savagery as I see the news filled with mothers killing their children, or shows like Snapped showing where women do horrible things.

6. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar – I think some people are seeing things that may not be the case, or trying to connect dots that just arent connecting.

Are there problems in video games being male-centric? Yes I do. Do I believe as a man I can try to do my best to make these video games more welcoming to my female friends? Yes for sure.  In the end though Blizzard is a business, and that business is to make money. To make money if that needs to cater to men, it will do so. If you have umbrage with Blizzard do so with your money, cause as my Daddy use to say, “Money talks….bullshit walks”

Sins of My Father

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pilgrimI decided to put together a series of posts about how Feminist claims about gaming are becoming a little bit over the top. I won’t hit you with a deluge of opinions, and that’s what these posts will be. I’ll trickle them out one or two a week. The main focus of this blog is always, and shall be about the games, and gaming. Since though Feminists keep attacking an institution that I love, I feel the need to stand up and say, “Hey we are not the enemy, and we’re trying to do our best” , also in MMO’s you can be any gender you want, so I enjoy looking at traditional gender roles, and how they play out in the MMO community.

Let’s begin shall we.

History –

Feminists love to bring up the years of oppression they had to endure under the yoke of a male-dominated society. Yes they had is rough at times, and I feel sorry for that. Does that mean I must pay the price of what my ancestors did, am I a villain if my great-great-grandfather beat his wife with a switch when she did something bad. Feminists love to bring up history, but you know what, how am I to blame? In the here and now I try my best to afford all women the rights they deserve, I treat EVERYONE equally…with loathing, and disrespect. Just kidding, but why do I have to pay for the sins, and crimes someone else did, and why should I feel guilty about it?

For Men, By Men –

Let’s talk about gaming. In the beginning men made video games, and they made them for other men. It was rare indeed I saw a girl in the arcade of my youth. So we have a product that catered to men, and what men like. Now of course women are free to play all the video games they wanted, but the majority of the consumer base was men. Let’s take a product catering to women, makeup. Makeup is made for women, and marketed for women. Sure men could use makeup, and some do, but the product focuses on women. I don’t see men doing Revlon commercials, does that make the makeup industry sexist?  Unlike the make up industry the video gaming media is changing, we have more, and more female heroes, and even gay/lesbian heroes, but let’s be honest most players are still male. So why should a business, who is out to make money cater to the minority of it’s consumers?  Until I see Ryan Gosling in a Maybelline commercial with the byline, “Maybe it’s him, or Maybe it Maybelline” then I’ll find suspect in products marketed to certain genders.

Next week I’ll be talking about Male tropes in video games, or how we’re not all muscle bound heroes.

A Open Letter to Feminists

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christina_aguilera_giving_the_finger1As I read Spinks post, I also watched the videos from that youtube channel, and make no mistake about it gentlemen to these feminists you are the enemy. I was watching a video about saving women from the clutches of evil is wrong. I’m tired of these women telling me I can’t be a man. I drink, I cuss, I fight, I protect those who can’t defend themselves, I belch, I fart, I scratch my nuts.

My comment to that post was this….

“I think when you claim yourself with any “ism” you set yourself apart, and undermine your idea of equality. You close yourself off, and become trapped within the doctrines and you start to think only your way is the right way.  I think Feminism’s rhetoric is one of superiority, and not one of equality, also I think it has a little bit of envy, and hate mixed into it to.  I think the modern male is lost in these day and ages because he doesn’t know where he fits into society anymore. He is filled with images of what the media says he is, a crazed rapist spewing forth obscenities. With the breakdown of the traditional family, and no classic male role models, we as males are adrift. This feeling of not being anchored to ideals of what a man should be, and Feminist rhetoric of what males are. How can I not blame them to turn into that which the feminist themselves hate. Hate begets hate, and In essence we are creating our own monsters.”


Next reply Liore says this….

“How can you blame men for hating women? They’re just so darn uppity.”

PS: I don’t think all men are anything, much less crazed rapitsts, just like all women aren’t all anything. I just think you in particular sound like someone who has put no critical thought into this subject at all.

First of all she quoted me, I never said that…second of all if you are going to insult my intelligence….spell rapist correctly.


Like some of my brethren, I will not bow to them, or ride the fence and him haw around the subject. The gloves are off. I’ll have more on this later after I do some thinking and research.  I just want everyone to know. I don’t like Feminism, I don’t like ANY ism. You are not better then me, we all have our faults everyone of us. Yes there are many stereotypes, and injustices in the world, and we will work on them as much as we can, but there is no reason to see monsters, or conspiracies behind every plumber who tries to rescue a princess. Wait the plumber is a stereotypical looking Italian, should I be pissed because I’m Italian American.  If you’re offended by a song don’t listen to it, if you’re offended by a movie, don’t watch it, and if you have a problem with a guy rescuing a girl from some evil monster than don’t play the game.

My opinion is feminism is doing more harm then good, and it’s spreading hate. If they comment like Liore they will get personal, they will use insults like insulting my intelligence, and they will not come at me with intelligence, but with hate. Hate begets hate.    There is no one who can hate better than I can.

Let’s Beat a Dead Horse called Feminism

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First I love beating a dead horse, not a real horse, I just like dissecting a topic, and analyzing it alot.

So the Bossy Pally made a post about Identity, and Self Identity. In it she made a reference to an older post from a different blogger the Noisy Rogue, she used it as  a reference of escapism. That this blogger was escaping the crucible of his life by using games. Though the post was more pointed at feminists, and used to slander them almost. It basically said you come to my house, you play by my rules. Plus NPR is doing a show on it as well.  It made me think, “Has things gotten better?”

A House Divided…

As of March, I see feminism again becomes a topic among some of my fellow bloggers. This time Effraeti stand’s up and says she is not a feminist. After reading her post, I found myself agreeing with ALOT of what she said. Unfortunately the Feminists did not, and they launched an offensive. These feminists crying they are oppressed by society, and that they want to be treated equally, even when they separate themselves by hate rhetoric, and toss someone who wants more equality under the bus. As a the former president Abe Lincoln once stated, “A house divided, can not stand” . As long as Feminists continue to keep everyone at arm’s length with hate, and not try to embrace their female sisters who don’t subscribe to their hateful rhetoric, they will not be taken for serious. 


There was a Flinstones episode where Betty, and Wilma want to see what the Boys do at their lodge, and to get in they have to say the password…”Ack, Ack, A Dack”  I noticed that over my lifetime, that women always want to break into male oriented things, then when their in, demand things become more girlie. When a girlfriend comes into my male dominated house first thing they do is buying throw pillows, and scented candles. Men don’t have this need to be a part of anything female oriented, well most straight men I know. We don’t go into an Oprahs Bookclub, and demand we read Vince Lombardi’s book. (I’ll wait why the women google that)  When we resist, we are being horribly male. Yes gaming is male dominated, what gives you the right to demand anything? Because you’re female, you have the right not to be looked down upon by us males until you prove yourself. In male culture, that’s what we do on a daily basis, we prove ourselves. Feminists love to mention privilege, I don’t think males have privilege, we have our own trials and tribulations, and your right we may have some privileges, but you as a female have a different set of privileges.

Where I let the little head, do the thinking for the big head…

I was reading over my thoughts  (sadly empowered fire is gone, another arch enemy gone  ) over this subject from a couple years ago, and I noticed it hasn’t changed alot. I feel we all have our problems, whether you’re a male, or female. We all have those expectations placed on us, it’s up to us to either live up to those, or break the mold so to speak. Now I am not the same man I was 2 years ago, I think I’ve become more open…well a little bit more. I do believe we live in a violent culture, and that we as humans are nothing more than animals with a thin veneer we call civility to mask our baser instincts. I have to illusions of what, or who I am. Let me put it this way, if we we’re alone on a desert island, and it was a choice between you, or me…who do you think is going to be dinner?

Is it getting better?

I posed that question to the Female Twitterati (What I call people who use Twitter), and some of them responded it really hasn’t, but the ability to discuss it has become more open. I think it’s a positive move. In spite of my caveman, phallic centric, sexist views, I really do believe in about 100 years from now things will be much different. If we get past 2012, those damn Mayan soothsayers,  with all the phyto estrogens in our soy products, we’re all going to hermaphrodites. For right now though, we still have to live with each other, let’s try to play nice in the sandbox.

Don’t be Sexist, Bitches Hate That!

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Ok the title is a joke, I seen on a t-shirt. I thought it was funny.

As everyone knows I’m pretty much one chromosome away from being a caveman. I seen alot of articles as of late that have to do with Feminism, and Gaming, and to be honest alot of them are crap.

I came across a really good blog post from Pewter at the Mental Shaman, and here’s a follow up.

The Bossy Pally has a thing or two to say on the subject as well.

I really like what the Lazy Sniper has to say as well….

Now I’m not going to beat a dead horse with my views, well cause you should all know them, but these articles were well written, that even I gave pause in my hopelessly male way of thinking.  I may not agree, or like what they say, but I can respect them for sticking to their guns, and being brave enough to stand up for what they believe in.

I’m not a monster….

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Though I play one in video games…

Me and Meta had a little discussion, and she explained to me what she was trying to do when she showed my blog to the world as an example. I wish he had this discussion earlier.  She is right, women do face alot of problems in the world, but the world isn’t a perfect place, and perhaps I believe it will never be perfect. I admire her for trying at least, even though I think it’s futile.

Will we ever see eye to eye, probably not. I like scantily clad women too much. I will give her this much she did give me food for thought today.

Will I ever learn the problems, the trial, the tribulations of being a women, no not unless I get the surgery in Thailand. In my world view it take’s more then a penis to be a man, you must stand up for the principles you believe in, but does that give me the right to trample the principles of another. No it doesn’t. To be a man you have to do what is right, even when the right thing isn’t popular.

For my part, I apologize to Meta, and the Empowered Fire crew for the harsh words, and rhetoric I used.  I hope some day we can see eye to eye, but for now I’m happy just to agree to disagree.

Ok Let’s put this shit behind us, and tomorrow get back to what we want around and talk  games, tomorrow we’re gonna talk some Starcraft, and hang out with our wangs out.

Shove your “ism” where the sun don’t shine.

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Recently I was called out,  it vexed me because to me they were saying this guy is an example of why we are pushing our agenda. I hate all “isms” whether it is Feminism, or Elitism. They all have the fundamental same crap going on. They think the world owes them something, when really it doesn’t. The world isn’t fair, I faced my challenges, you have yours. Does it make it right that people are looked down upon, or treated poorly because of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc, etc… No it doesn’t make it right.

This is the main reason I hate “ism’s” they are quick to point out the wrong or ills of society, but when you come to them with positive stuff, and solutions they try to excuse you summarily, or try to say your derailing the conversation. Society has many ill’s most based out of Fear, Fear of Change, Fear of the Unknown, Fear of being that which you hate.  I read a quote, I don’t know the author but it said, “We hate that which we see a little part of ourselves”  Like the Homophobe who hates homosexuals because they fear, and hide the fact that they indeed might be a homosexual.

“Isms” don’t belong in games,  I think some people need to pick their forums better, most game players usually don’t give a rats ass whether how they treat the opposite sex, heck go to the Barren’s Chat, and you will really know.  It’s like every time you go past GO in monopoly you get to hear the vagina monologues. How fun is that? Not very unless you do have a vagina.

I just want to touch on privilege, I would be naive if I said it doesn’t exist at all, but I think there is two sides to every coin. For example, it says in 38, about women doing the most repetitive, unrewarding  jobs of the house…Oh really cutting the grass, is fun…really? I love lifting heavy shit because the couch doesn’t look right there….and really do you need to scream bloody murder for me across the house when you see a spider, and have me kill it.  Personally as for privilege, I’m just another ugly fat white guy, and I never got things my way…ever. I’m sure if I was Brad Pitt the story might be different, but it’s not. 

I’m not saying your problems or arguments are moot, they are quite valid. The problem is it’s a society issues, and the only way to change that is the majority of the society has to change their way of thinking. This doesn’t happen overnight, many things are getting better for those who are not White Anglo Saxon Male, and the media confirms this.

The only person I can control is me. So I live by a couple of rules when dealing with people, I don’t care if your male, female, transgender, homosexual, bisexual, white, black, yellow, red, or purple.

1. Civility – If I come up to a stranger, I will say please and thank you. Treat them with a cordial attitude. If they are rude, and mean to me. I will cut them down to size with every weapon at my disposal, if that just so happens that you’re a woman, yea I might say something mean in that regard.

2. Respect is earned, not given – I don’t bow to anyone, and it’s usually my way or the highway, but if you earned my respect through your actions, then I will stand up with you at the Gates of Hell themselves. I don’t even have to like you to respect you, it helps though.

3. We are all different – Celebrate that fact, because it adds to the fun of it all. If I played with 20 River’s I’d be bored to tears.

4. Do the right thing, simply because it is the right thing to do – Unless you’re a sociopath, you know the difference between right and wrong.

5. Words have consequences A fellow blogger, and friend said this to me, she is right. I may say something like, “bitch” doesn’t mean I hate women, and want to oppress them. I should remember though, that words to carry their own weight, and people judge me on what I say, as well as what I do.

5. Don’t be a sheep – even I am caught up sometimes when in a group of people, sometimes I let things go too far. One must have the strength to stand by their convictions.

A final word to all those “Ism’s” out there pointing out how bad I am, you just make me get defensive, and close my eyes, and ears to what you are saying.  I don’t think your agenda has a place in video games, but because we our a society albeit a virtual one it mirrors our real society to some extent. Bottomline to be a better society, we need to start being better people.

As for me, I hate everyone equally.