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The Blessings of Nurgle, God of Decay

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on January 23, 2013 by theerivs

chosen1Sorry I haven’t been writing much, I haven’t been playing much I have been truly blessed by the god of sickness and decay, Grandfather Nurgle.  As I am feeling much better now, and escaping the God of Decay’s plots, others have plans of me. Perhaps Lord Tzentech has some use of me next. For the Ravens are going to the Super Bowl. The Changer of Ways has deemed it so.  For now let us march on to the laughing, and thirsting of Dark Gods.

On that note Mark Jacobs did a great interview of Massively talking about Warhammer Online.  I’m a huge fan of Mark Jacobs, and all he does…am I fan boy…perhaps, but unlike people who demand respect. Mark is one of the few people who earned my respect, he is honorable in victory, and defeat. He refuses to push people under the bus, and I think like a phoenix he will rise from the ashes once again. Reminds me of myself and few other friends who had a guild in Mark’s game called Dark Ages of Camelot. We walked away from one of the major guilds on the server, and started one called Phoenix Ascension and rose from the ashes to become the number one guild on our server.  As we move from the past of DAOC, and Warhammer, City State Entertainment releases another trailer, and if you look closely around the internet Mark is leaving breadcrumbs as to his design notes…

“Foundation Principle #5– Choice and your choices matters!

This game will offer the player a wide range of choices of race, skills, armor, weapons, etc. and every major choice you make will have an effect on your character. You want to play a 4’2, 70 pound girl who runs around in lingerie and still wants to play a fighter? Sure, go right ahead but we hope you have major medical insurance. OTOH, if you want to play a character that looks like a fighter but also has lots of non-fighter like abilities/skills/etc., this game will allow you to do it. There will also be real and meaningful differences between races, genders, etc. Choice like size, really does matter, no matter what some people say.” ~ Mark Jacobs.

It’s starting to get me hyped, and  leaving one question. Who’s ass do I have to start kissing to get into closed beta?

As I crawl out of my mire, and back into the world of the living I got some stuff I want to talk about, So stick around because I may get sick, and down, but I am never out. I am Iron Within, and Iron Without!!

Flashback Fridays- DAOC

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on June 29, 2012 by theerivs

I decided to start a new segment called Flashback Fridays, where I share some of my favorite memories of games of the past with you.  Lets’ start with one of my favorite MMO’s of all time. Dark Ages of Camelot.

Top Dark Ages of Camelot Memories.

1. Seeing a Salisbury Giant for the First Time. – This was a big mob, and being my first MMO, I was quite awestruck.

2. Tree Groups – In Albion, I forgot the mobs actual name but when you were around 48-49 this was the quickest way to hit 50, These Trees were monsters, and you had to be on your game. Also they made the most horrendous sound that haunts me to this day.

3. First Keep Siege – It was one of the most exciting events in an MMO I ever had. All these enemies trying to ram down the keeps doors, and here I am trying to heal my but off, while hoping not to get ganked by stealthers.

4. Darkness Falls – The first time I took part in cleaning out Darkness falls with my Albion brothers, and sisters was so exciting. It was like this place is ours, you get out now!

5. Killing My First Dragon – Everyone take your cloaks off to reduce lag.

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I Love a Good 3-way

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , , on June 26, 2012 by theerivs

I was reading Syn, and he made a point which is probably one of his greatest lately…

Three faction PvP is the new MMO cure-all.

Can we stop this already? Yes, after DAOC everyone was asking for three faction PvP instead of the two-sided stuff that WoW and its clones were doing. And yes, it’s sad that it’s 2012 and we are just now getting titles coming out that may have it. And yes, in general 3-sided PvP is better than two, but already the concept has been screwed and cheapened.

You know why factions worked in DAOC? Because you had ugly dwarves vs hippy elves vs asshat humans, and most people could identify with one side and hate what the other two represented. DAOC had three factions, who happen to fight over stuff. Hate keeps people logging in and bashing doors or space structures. Fact not opinion™.

It’s not “three faction” PvP if you take your only ‘faction’, split it evenly into three groups, and have them fight off in a corner and then come back to hug it out. If there is no buy-in or hatred, it won’t work long-term, and long-term is kinda the goal here.

Faction pride –

DAOC had faction pride, yeah I guess on the flip side if you hate the other two factions, it’s the same thing. So Syn calls it Hate, I call it Pride in your faction. It angered me when those stinky Mids, or tree hugging hibs stole out relic. It inspired me to roam Emain for hours with hunting parties, or get up at 3am on a weekend morning to raid their keeps.

It was there for a while in WoW too, it meant something being Horde, or Alliance. I was Horde…that statement alone said something.  I mean slugging it out for 12+ hours in AV had to take some emotional investment.

The Right Stuff

I think it takes a speck more then Hate for PvP to work on another level, it takes a right recipe of things, Hate is a start, but as I said to it takes pride, and also a sense of belonging to something bigger then you, and lastely a camarederie needs to be there. Over the years with the ability to have toons on every faction on the same server, it led to the loss of identity. I am not just Horde, I am also Alliance. I got Alliance friends.

For PvP to Work, and keep people playing you need just a few things.

1. More Then 2 Factions – Well of course, that’s what we been wanting for years.

2. A Reason to Fight – Whether it’s fluff, or bonuses of something. Give us a reason

3. Enforced Loyalty – You get to pick one side on the server…and that’s it.

4. Unique Factions – Balanced, but unique. I liked Paladins for Alliance, and Shamans for Horde idea of back in the day of WoW.

I’m sure there’s a bit more to it. I think even though DAOC captured the feeling of awesome PvP, I think like WoW is with PvE, I think it’s right time and place. To recapture it would be a Herculean feat indeed.

Days of Yore

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on April 25, 2012 by theerivs

Me and my old friends/guildies been talking about the good ole days of DAOC with it’s  PvP, or Realm vs. Realm, and how awesomely fun it was. That no other game has captured that fun gameplay since.

Perhaps I am a Relic like those we use to get up and raid for at 4am on a Sunday, perhaps those days are long gone .

What I Liked About DAOC Realm vs. Realm (PvP)

1. Strategy – There seemed to be a little more strategy, like where to attack, and how we are going to go about attacking, then just Rock, Paper Scissors of WoW PvP.

2. Threesome – There were two other enemies, not just one sided. It kept things more interesting. I wish maybe SWTOR had a 3 faction system…guess they have failed me yet again.

3. Instilled Faction Pride – There was more pride in faction, and guild in those days made thing worth while. Was it a circle, we did better because we we’re a part of something, doing better created pride, the pride led us on to being better.

4. Climbing Walls – I had an Infiltrator, and I climbed walls, ganked someone, and ran the hell away. It was pure awesome as a stealth class.

5. Darkness Falls – The best dungeon ever, when another realm took it over, it was great fun waiting for the groups of Mids, or Hibs to come and clear you out, even better fun when you cleared them out.

I really don’t think those days are gone, I just think all the companies think we all want the quick fix, or easy path. I don’t think thats true. I just think they need to figure out how to implement these kind of things into MMOs without scaring away the bastardo FPS wanna-be kiddies.