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The Darkside of WoW

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on January 14, 2010 by theerivs

If Goldfarmers looked like Zhang Ziyi, I would buy them all out.

Aion was overrun by bots, and I thought back to my old days of PvP where there were at least 2-3 jump bots in AV. sitting there jumping every 3 seconds in the cave. The reason I ask, I was on my bank alt. Yea it’s a naked female. Cause I don’t like clothed girls handling my money, they might sneak some in there purse. 🙂 Anywho a chinese person started spewing Chinese at me. Ok I took a semester of Chinese in college, so I knew how to say Hi, and your butt looks very nice today, or how are you. I get the two confused.  So it got me thinking.  Is there still a bot problem in WoW? Any run in’s with botters?

In my hey day they use to be everywhere, goldfarmers, bots, and people who would try to hack your account.  I hate people that hack accounts to me they are the utmost scum that should rot on the 3rd layer of hell, but to be truthfully honest, I don’t mind the goldfarmers, and the bots. Actually I like them, they keep the prices down on the AH. To me goldfarmer, and bots do the same thing I would do ifI needed gold…farm it.  Some Goldfarmers provide a service, which I don’t mind either. If you want to buy gold, go right ahead.

I guess the problem lies int he fact, that these goldfarmers, and bots support the account hackers. Is there enough of a hacking problem to make Blizzard demand you get an Authenticator. If Blizzard forced you would you get an Authenticator?  Tell you the truth I don’t know that I would continue to use WoW if the forced me to do anything, I don’t like authority figures.