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My First STO Asshats

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on February 10, 2010 by theerivs

Well I’m proud to say I met my first Star Trek Online Asshats last night. So when you do a mission, and enter a planetary system, you might be tossed in together with other people. Which is cool. You meet other people that way, and reinforce the MMO concept, which by the way STO needs as much help in that area. STO right now feels more like a single player game, with co-op…but Space Combat is the bomb…Gee.

Anywho back to the tale at hand. I’m suppose to patrol and kill 5 patrols of Klingons. Now the more players in your group, the tougher the enemies, and more of them too. So I need these guys to help me. First patrol we mop up. Second patrol and afterwards they are flying all around. One ends up so far away I was like….how the heck he even get that far from me. Several times I had to tell them the enemy was by me, and one time I took on a patrol by myself, and got destroyed…literally.

So it looks like it doesn’t matter if your fighting dragons, or fighting bloodthirsty aliens…stupidity has no boundaries.

I am that Jerk!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on December 28, 2009 by theerivs

I see all my fellow bloggers posting about Jerks, whether they are tanks, dps, or even healers. I was thinking who will speak for the Jerks, the Asshats, or even the douchebags. Me that’s who. I will be the Lorax of the Douchebags!

Tank Jerks –

Listen I’m the boss. I will pull the whole room, and either you keep up, or go cry to your mommy. I’m sick of you screaming that you can’t heal through 10 elite mobs. If you can’t keep up, as a healer you should delete your toon, and go play Hello Kitty Online. As for DPS, hey I don’t care if I got my dps gear on, and I’m not even spec to tank, you better ease up on the dps so I can keep aggro, and if you pull aggro you are all bunch of fail.  Don’t like the way I do things, tough!

Healer Asshats-

What the hell is your problem dude. I was watching something on TV, I wasn’t even close to ready, and you go and pull more then one mob. Seriously you fricking jagwad. Hey if the dps would get off their ass and kill something maybe I wouldn’t have to be working so hard. GET THE MOB OFF ME FOR CHRIST”S SAKE!!! No I will not fade, I shouldn’t have to, I didn’t even put it on my action bars. What you mean I should get out of Shadowform?

DPS Douchebags

KILL THE SKULL NOW NOW NOW! I died, fuck you all I’m outta here.