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Am I your Type?

Posted in MMORPG, Writing with tags , , on January 9, 2014 by theerivs

photoMy buddy Scarybooster posted a great post about blogging, and it made me think about my own styles, and the styles of the other bloggers around me. Blogging is quickly becoming a fading art I think in it’s place it’s becoming a 140 character or less blurb kind of world which couldn’t me more evident than with the death of Google Reader. Though generally I feel blogs fall for the most part into several categories.

Types of Blogs

1. Instructional – These blogs tell you valued information about a game, or games in terms of how to do something within said game.

2. Critical – These blogs off opinions as to certain things about games, or issues concerning games.

3. Storytelling – These blogs tell tales of their adventures, or use the game world to build their own tales.

4. Mixed Bag of Nuts – Sort of a hodge podge of the previous three.

5. Me – Yes I kind of set myself apart. I’ll tell you why.

What type of blogger am I? When I first started blogging I viewed myself as more of the previous types of bloggers at one time or another. Then as I progressed in this hobby, I broke my own mold. I started writing shorter posts, and added pictures to these posts way before Google+ or Twitter became popular. I felt I was more of an Entertainer, and perhaps I saw the writing on the wall. That people who check me out come for a quick laugh, or maybe a peek at what girl I posted that day. In this disjointed 140 character world, I think I feel right at home. My writing will probably never win any awards, but if I can spark someones emotion whether its laughing, crying, or even anger. Then I feel I’ve done my job. For that’s what I believe there in lies the power of the word, it leads you places….and I want to lead you to dirty…dirty places.

So am I your type?

Video games are art…. no, for real they are.

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Just a little tidbit post today.

The Smithsonian is conducting a survey of video games spanning 20 gaming systems, five eras and four genres. 

Get over there and perform your civic duty.  Possibly by voting for Call of Duty? 

I would give you some more information, but the work internet filter tends to block out anything with games in the title.  I’ll just have to take the survey and not get paid for it.  *sigh*

The actual exhibit will run from March 16th – September 30th, 2011 and you have until April 7, 2011 to cast your votes.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on April 19, 2010 by theerivs

This picture is very artsy

What is art? I love Roger Ebert, I grew up on his insights of film. To him and a multitude of people film is a type of art. I won’t go into all the arguments again, but here’s Roger Ebert’s post, and here’s a really compelling post by a game developer Josh Drescher.

First off in the history of film, I’m sure there were critics who said that film was not an art form, now it’s pretty wide accepted as such, but that is neither here nor there. I think Art can be found in anything, any medium.

Architecture is a type of accepted Art, so when I look at the beautiful building made in Warhammer, it is not any less beautiful because it is in a Video Game, or Music is an art form, but when I hear it play, I think it isn’t any less compelling because it’s in a Video Game.

I use to program, and when I wrote my code it wasn’t code I was writing it was poetry. I saw beauty in the commands and integers, I saw my style, my flow. To me they were things of beauty.

I love Roger Ebert to death, but he is not the end all, be all of all things art, and to confine yourself in such a way is very limiting to me. To me the medium doesn’t matter, if it conveys beauty, complexity, or something that redefines the human nature in such a way it endures the test of time…to me then it is art.