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Day 04- Your best gaming memories

Posted in Writing with tags , , on March 1, 2012 by theerivs

This post could easily go on forever…..there was so many memories that I shared with some awesome people that made  gaming even more fun, but this will be limited to the top 5 of  just pure gaming moments, and leave the people out of the equation for now

My 5 Best Gaming Moments –


5. Aliens Versus Predators – First time I ripped off a Marines Head. That was pure awesomeness.

4. Dark Age of Camelot – First time I went on a relic raid, I felt a part of something. 

3. Bards Tale (Original on Commodore 64)  – I really had this wonderful sense of accomplishment, and it was my first RPG I actually beat.

2. World of Warcraft – Molten Core- Beating Ragnaros, after months of working on Molten Core, we finally got him down it was like a party

1. World of Warcraft -BWL-  While Raiding BWL, One of our pallies who was a wee bit drunk, let of a scream over Vent going, “GO TEAM GO” over and over again, and then ran over to the 3 large Drakanoids  I was laughing so hard, it was ridiculous.

I got alot more memories, but when I think of these memories I always get a little chuckle, and smile.