Weakly Lagout

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High Latency Life – 

Well just will be relaxing taking it easy and working on my warrior, and Hearthstone this weekend, might also try to do some more Wildstar.

High Latency Love-

Scarybooster shows me some love, so make sure you give him some love back. Comment on his stuff too, He hates that shit, and I love when he get’s all atizzy.

High Latency Laugh –

The true cost of MMO’s 

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5 Awesome Game Moments.

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11-RagnarosI was thinking about the Overmind’s speech in original Starcraft, and I thought what other moments was I just blown away while playing a game. I have TONS, but here’s a few.

5 Awesome Game Moments. 

5. Easter Eggs – There was an easter egg in the classic Atari 2600 game, can you tell me what it was? I’d tell you but I don’t like spoilers.

4. Everyone is Kung Fu Fighting– The first time I did the right combo to make Ken jump in the air and scream Hayukin.

3. By Fire be Purged – When Ragnaros popped out of the lava for the first time in my life, I was just whoa like Neo from Matrix.

2. For the Overmind – In Starcraft when the Overmind spoke to me for the first time. “Awaken my child….”, I was like yes let fuck up some Terrans and Protoss.

1.Who let the dogs loose? –  In Resident Evil, when those dogs jumped through the window. I literally was a woman in a horror movie…yes I screamed. No other game recaptured that sheer horror for me.


I would LOVE if you shared some of yours?

I’m an IP Whore

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icecream-girlI am an IP or intellectual property whore. Let me explain. I’ve was playing some Wildstar and though it had some problems I just wasn’t being grabbed. I just wasn’t loving it.  I was trying to figure it out. Am I that jaded/cynical? Has WoW tainted me beyond all reason?

No I don’t think so, I loved other games Warhammer Online for sure. Then what is my problem…IP. I have to love the IP.

Let’s look at some of the games I did champion  Warhammer Online, then I jumped on the Star Trek Online bandwagon, then the Star Wars bandwagon. I wasn’t all about Guild Wars 2, but I got on board.  All these games have some established IP’s, and long running ones at that.

So ESO has a long established IP, I should love ESO right?  I don’t, because ESO’s IP I never got into, all the way back in the Daggerfall days I just never played, then as the games grew I still didn’t like it all that much, not to mention some other problems I had with the games.

So am I going to pre-order Wildstar, I don’t know yet but I’ll keep playing maybe something from the IP will click with me, but I am warming up to the Dominion as their quite the right bastards.



The Zoo is Closed

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warlock12This is the deck I’m using, it’s a variant of Reynad’s Zoo Deck. It got me to rank 15, and I have to say it’s pretty cool. Now though it’s like I hit a brick wall, alot of mage decks, and warrior decks are just tearing me up. I see that the zoo deck has a real problem in the late game. especially with decks with tons of legendaries.

I found this little gem of a website, and I will try my hand at some of these decks.  I’m afraid though that without spending some dough I might not get the better cards. We’ll see.

In other news I cancelled my WoW sub for a bit, I want it to match up to my payday so for the next couple days it will give me time to work on my GW2, SWTOR, and of course Hearthstone.

Weakly Lagout

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High Latency Living – 

Going to try to work on my Uppity Panda the Sifu Riv, also try to do a little Hearthstone, and Wildstar but I have a real busy weekend so if I get any play time together I’ll be lucky.

High Latency Love –

Giving Cynic some love again, just a great couple posts.

Also Girl Grey is trying blogging again, go show her some HLL love.

High Latency Laugh –

New Hearthstone Cards. 


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Blogging No More

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gameSo my mentor says blogging is dead.  I don’t agree with him, sure it’s took some hits but it’s far from dead. Cynic wrote a couple of great posts about it, and I won’t rehash it cause how can you improve on that great writing, I’ll just add my 2 cents…which in today’s market is worth about half a penny.

Is blogging dead? No I can say with full honesty it is not dead. I think it has changed, and taken some blows like when Google reader closed it’s doors. I think bloggers are going to a more consolidated format like several bloggers on a bigger site.  If it was a dead medium my blogroll wouldn’t be so full, and I check occasionally for dead blogs. New blogs coming out every day,  I can’t keep up. If it was dead no one would be writing.

I think there is still lots to say about video gaming, and MMO’s I just don’t have the time to read it all.

There is Only Zoo

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zuul-ghostbusters-terror-dogI was talking about the Reynad’s Zoo deck (actually a slightly modified version of his)  yesterday so much, I actually never played it. I mean how awesome could it be?

I just have to say, it’s pretty fucking amazing. I mean I went 14-2 yesterday in ranked play, best I ever did..ever. I feel dirty though…real dirty like a dirty crack whore. Sure it felt good to win, but I was winning on someone else’s hard work. Like I made a deal with the devil, and at the end my soul will be forfeit.

Also it’s not all powerful, sometimes the RNG gods played me falsely. Both times I lost to a warrior, I really never got a good warrior deck going, but things like whirlwind really rip this deck apart. I think it was because I got higher costing cards early, and that set back the tempo.

Though this Zoo is powerful, I think maybe some changes could be made.

I’m really not a fan of those Harvest Golems. I was thinking flipping it out for a Blood Knight, take advantage of those shields if I have Squires out, and a Flesh Eating Ghoul, lot of lowbies could mean alot of deaths that ghoul can get high fast.  Not a huge..huge fan of the Doomguards cause of the discard option, but that charge is huge kick in the butt.

I’d like to build a good warrior deck too, I’m thinking this…or maybe this.

Well a lot of tweaks and such coming up, but still impressed with this deck I had to say something.

Your Soul Shall Suffer

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warlockhearthWell since I was talking a lot of Hearthstone yesterday on Ye Olde Twitter I got a hankering to do some.  So I had a couple quests I needed to finish up. I’ve seen made decks already like the Zoo Warlock, and such but I have an issue, I get more enjoyment out of building my own decks, and trying to find the diamond in the rough. One day I’ll stumble upon the awesomest deck ever and become world famous…or at least get to rank 20 to get some different card backs.

The quests was Druid, and Rogue centric so I built a Druid deck it was alright, lost to a priest but won against a Hunter, Mage and then a Warrior to finish the quest. I’ve been trying to go Taunt heavy to see how that fairs, like I said it was ok, and I think the lost to the priest was more of an RNG thing, getting none of my lower cards, and bunch of my higher end cards.   The Rogue deck I mixed up a bit and went all murlocs pretty much, I just needed one win to finish a dominance quest I didn’t finish and I just came out fast and strong against another Rogue, so much so the Rogue conceded by like the 5th turn.

Oh look I had enough gold for a little Arena, let’s give it a shot. I chose a Warlock hero, and the RNG gods were not kind at all, I think the only demons I got was 2 Voidwalkers, and a Doomguard. Which the Doomguard I love them, but hate the two card discard, love summoning them too. I had to play a Hunter, and let me tell you it was hard fought, but in the end I won, which I was totally shocked. I thought I would call it a night, end on a high note, and then return to it tomorrow.

We’ll see if this deck will garner more wins, but to be honest I don’t have much hope.

NBI- Lesson Learned

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So you want to st914p_0c_1bart a blog? You love a game, and you want to write about it all the time, do you? That’s now, what about a year from now, two years from now, or 5 years from now.

When I first started out blogging and created my first blog Way of the Chosen, which was a Warhammer Online blog.  I reached out to an old time blogger, Tobold. 

This is what he said to me.

I hope you’re considering that blog more like an exercise. The problem
with highly specialized blogs like that is that you won’t be able to
keep it up for 5 years, because it’s unlikely you’re still playing a
Chosen in 5 years. You’re probably even playing a completely different
game. You can make a new blog for every new class and game you play,
but then you are losing all your Google page rank and regular readers
every time you switch.

So I kept on going as is, and years later he proved right when the game started to die, I had to create a new blog, and almost start from scratch. I learned my lesson the hard way, and heed Tobold’s advice, and don’t specialize to much if you are in this for the long haul.


Weakly Lagout

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High Latency Living- 

I’m excited just crafted my Leggings of the Night Sky, only took me 28 days, now going to do the belt. I also logged into SWTOR got my droid, tried revamping my Juggernaut a little. His DPS is better, but he seems like he can’t take a beating anymore, but I’ll need to look at his gear and stuff. Also it was Elites killing him fast..so. Gonna try to work on my warrior as well in GW2. So a lot to do this weekend.

High Latency Love- 

Well part of NBI is showing love to some new blogs. Here’s a nice Warlock one, and it’s after my own cold black heart with solo guide. Check out Grimoires of Supremacy and give them some love.

High Latency Laugh- 


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