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Weekly Lagout

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High Latency Living – 

I ask a stupid question on Twitter, and everyone jumped down my throat. I asked if GW2 was going to have a subscription fee, I kind of knew it didn’t but I wasn’t sure, but boy did they let me know.

I don’t know SWTOR is kind of sputtering for me, every since Bioware jammed its dick in my ass, I just don’t feel much like logging in.  I still have yet to check out Wrath of Heroes…just not enough time lately.

Just a teaser, there’s something awesome coming in May!  YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!

High Latency Love – 

Ysharros is back one of my fav bloggers…go give her some love.  

It’s been awhile since I gave the Pug Priest any love, go get you some, and who knows she might even give you a lapdance.

High Latency Laugh –

Star Wars Kinect.

With that…


Day 8 – 10 things you don’t know about me

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Well here are some things you may or may not know about me.  Saying I love Mila is not on this list, cause it’s wide known fact I do love her..long time

10 Things You Don’t Know About Me!

10. I actually like role playing…in the bedroom.

9. I might of been doing this from prison – At one time I was arrested for felonious larceny. I was never convicted, but I turned my life around.

8. I have no children  – That I know about.

7. I am gainfully employed – as a network administrator for a small company.

6. Where I dwell – I was born, bred, and will probably die in my hometown of Tinley Park, IL, a suburb of Chicago.

5. I love comic books – I have a collection, but I don’t get all that into super hero games, I don’t get it.

4. I love samurai movies – I even took a couple semesters of Japanese I love them so much.

3. I have tattoos – I have the symbol of the Black Legion from Warhammer 40k on my shoulder. Chaos Undivided.

2. I do play console games – I have a PS3.  Been playing Space Marine alot. I love that game.

1.  I am heterosexual – despite all the shemale pics, I do have a girlfriend…and she does not have a penis. least now she doesn’t


Save the Drama For Your Mama

Posted in Uncategorized on August 9, 2011 by theerivs

A fellow blogger posted something about Blogosphere drama, and if anyone around here knows about blogosphere drama, it would be me.

Here’s a little history a bigger named blogger ripped a fellow blogger to shreds, so much so she quit for a time. I found it outrageous, and an act of a bully. So stirred the hornet’s nest, and went to war. Then came the feminists, they didn’t like the way I was doing things either, so I went to war.

I’m not going to lie to people, unlike those who say they don’t like drama, yet seem to always are the people who are in drama, I like drama. Conflict, drama, arguing, what every you want to call it, I actually do like it, and actually think it livens things up.

Why do I like Drama?

1. A little Chaos is good – From Chaos comes knowledge I have always said, you learn alot about yourself and others through the chaotic parts of your life.

2. Learn things – You learn things when you’re in a fight, depending what type  a fight, the lesson may be different.

3. Releases Pent Up Frustrations – Gets things out more in the open, instead of people talking behind your back.

4. Find out who your friends are – The ones who side with you, and not the enemy.

5. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose – Despite those woosy baseball teams in little league, telling little Johnny he’s a winner, even when they lost every game. Sometimes you lose, and in losing you learn alot of things.

 I must tell you, there is a difference of being in drama, and starting. One should never really start anything unless one is ready for the consequences, and as someone once told me “Words have consequences.” 

Kind of a long way to get to my point here, and there is a point. In the post, my friend says that bloggers don’t like open comments, which isn’t true. I love open comments, I pride myself that I never edit, or delete comments, except once when the author of the comment, knew he crossed the line, apologized, and ask to have his comment removed.  (Making fun of my stepdad who was a stroke victim.)

Bottomline, I think sometimes you need to stand up for yourself, the people you care about, and what you believe in. If that’s considered drama so be it.

Weekly Lagout

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I think River is still gone, so I decided to take it upon myself and do his Weekly Lagout. Of course, a Weekly Lagout is not a Weekly Lagout without River. To make it up to you, I will be doing my best River impersonation. This will not be my Weekly Lagout, but what River would Lagout if he was here to Lagout. You’ll see…

RIFT- Well, I’ve lost interest in this game. I’m just waiting for my sub to run out. I feel lonely without my Mage. The game is just not cartoony enough for me. Maybe, I’ll resub to it in the future when they downgrade the fun.

WAR- I mentioned last week I was thinking about resubbing to WAR. I am still thinking. Since I’ve been drunk all week and think I pissed myself because I was thinking too hard, I think I might think a bit more about kerplunking my time into it. I miss WAR’s RvR, but I can’t get over how much the non-RvR sucks. I’m back and forth with this game. I just think I thunk, when I took a kerplunk from being so drunk, in my ex-girlfriend’s trunk that is full of junk.

STO- I bought the damn CE for this game! I feel so stupid for buying it. I feel I need to play it more. It is kind of like when you piss all over your hands and feel you NEED to wash them before eating popcorn. My hands are wet and I’m eating popcorn. Yeah, that warm yellow liquid is not butter topping.

WoW- Man, I have been salivating over my Mage goodness. I was like, pew, pew, frost shield, pew, pew, auction house bitch, pew, pew, riding in my choppa, Pyroblast, pew, pew, rollin’ in my six-deuce. I feel on top of the world with my Mage. I love my Mage. My Mage is sexy. I want to marry my Mage. ❤ Mage

SWTOR- A lot of juiciness has been coming out of whale’s vagina Comic-Con. I see we can now preorder the game. I’ll tell you right now; I am going to play the crap out of this game until my Mage feels lonely. Ok, I’ll play it for 1 month and keep talking about how I am going to resub to it every Friday during Weekly Lagout. I just don’t think I can play a game that doesn’t have Mage. I’ll probably by the CE and regret it.

High Latency Love

I love myself, mainly. I want to thank Bee and Scarybooster for filling in for me. If Scary had a vagina I would be at his house in seconds. To Bee: She does have a vagina… Call me m’kay /wink. I’m sure I can get drunk and queue in a BG all night with you.

Somethin’ Funny

Your face!


**From the Desk of River – I want to thank Scary, and Bee from the bottom of my heart. I hope you had as much fun writing this week, as I did reading your stuff. Your friend Riv.

Weekly Lagout

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WoW – Still plopping away on my Pally towards 85.

WAR – Just PvPing like made trying to get some Renown Ranks going.

MMOGFE – It was all a joke, but you know me I like to go the extra mile….Here’s that mile.

IGE – Gold Farming bastages called me on my phone, Hey Fucktards I don’t mind people buying gold, but I start having problem when you jagoffs call me.

High Latency Love –

Pugnacious Priest –  Part of the joke inspiration, she’s a good sport and she always supports the High Latency Life, Show her some love for me.

Grimnir is another one that really support the High Latency Life, and cracks me up on a regular basis show him some Tender HLL too.  

Something Funny…

Jedi A-Holes Strike Back…

With That…


Real Life Sucks Sometimes.

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Due to Real Life I must take a couple days off, Let’s just say it’s a personal, and a family tragedy.  Real life just sucks sometimes, there are no respawn points, no rez spells, no new level.

Take care, and I’ll see ya in a couple days.

The Human Condition

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People say that games, and gaming is a waste of time. Last night a person I know told me he had Throat Cancer.  As I sat, in the dark smoking a backwoods cigar in quiet contemplation of my life, I thought about the the people who inhabit my life.

To the people who tell me I am wasting my time, or that playing video games is foolish. That the gaming community is filled with douchebags, and assholes. All I have to do is point them to my blogroll, my guildies, my twitter feed. These are some of the most talented, creative, funny, witty people I have the honor to share a hobby with. It is quite humbling to come to realize that some pixels on this computer screen has not only shapped my life, but also allows me to touch others, and maybe just maybe affect their life.

No matter what gender we are, what race, where we dwell, or what other label we tag ourselves…I think it boils down to we’re all looking for the same thing…

…A good fucking.

Got 20 minutes? Watch this.

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clickity click

A very interesting take on gamers and their current and potential impacts on society.  This made me immediately want to log in and continue to be a part of the 3 billion hours.  She makes me proud to be logging my hours.

I only wish I’d know about these types of studies when I ended my higher education after my bachelor’s degree.

World of Warcraft and the Single Girl

Posted in General, MMORPG with tags , , , , on January 27, 2011 by Bee

I’m gonna make this post a little personal today.  I have several inspirations. One,  I am currently one month shy of my 30th birthday — single and never married with no kids.  Valentine’s day is right around the corner – it always manages to make you feel relationship-retarded in one way or another (whether attached or single).  And Beru had a wonderful and heartfelt post that she made last week.

My last boyfriend (the controlling, self-absorbed prick) and I were together for 4 years.  After I left him, I moved in with my old roommate from college.  She introduced me to WoW and the rest, they say, is history. 

When I think back, most of the boyfriends/relationships that I’ve had in my life I’ve met while participating in hobbies that I was into at the time.  My highschool boyfriend and I met during a retreat for the church youth group I was involved in at the time.  As most highschool romances go, things fizzled as we went off to college to start new lives/identities. 

In college I was highly involved in my sorority.  At one point I was living “the dream.”  I was president of my house, dating the tall and handsome president of one of the best fraternities on campus.  I was the envy of other girls.  We went to date functions together, I was there to root him on during his intramural games, he took me on vacations during spring break/winter break.  Really, it’s was how I always dreamed it was going to be.  Then, in the summer before my senior year, he dumped me.  I’ve never been more devastated.  I think it was mainly because it was the first time I had really felt love/been in love with someone.  It’s hard to ever see yourself happy with anyone else when you truly believed you had already found that one person that was right for you.  But sometimes, things just don’t work out as you have them planned to. 

Fast forward a year or so, and my next boyfriend I met out at a karaoke bar that I frequented.  (I got really into karaoke for a while there, and seriously, it draws quite a unique group of “regulars”).  As my love for karaoke fizzled, so did my relationship.  Shortly there after, I started playing poker very regularly, where I met the controlling, self-absorbed prick, we know how that goes… and here I am today.  Single, and with a new hobby. 

I have a point here with all this background, I promise.  So I got to thinking the other day about why it is that in the last two years I haven’t met somebody.  I have had dates, even sexual relations (gasp!) but no real long-lasting connections. 

For the last two years my hobby has been World of Warcraft.  I enjoy the play style, the challenge, the atmosphere and the people I have met because of it.  It takes up a lot of my free time, which in the past has been any of a number of things.  Yes, at times it was TV, at times it was sorority life, at times it was karaoke and at times it was poker. 

Is my interest in playing World of Warcraft restricting my romantic possibilities?

I sorta think it is.

Yes, ok, I know where you are at now… “How about you just meet someone in WoW?”  So let’s talk about meeting someone in World of Warcraft. 

I would not shy away from this possibility.  I feel like, look… I’m normal, well-socialized own my own house/car/have a good career, I’m disease free and mentally stable AND I play World of Warcraft.  I’m sure there are plenty of guys I interact with online that are in the same boat as I. 

And interact I do. Being a single girl, in a guild filled with mostly single men does have its perks.  There is always flirtation going on.  All people love to flirt.  When someone shows interest in you it’s flattering.  I have always been a big flirt, and as we all know that flirting can be quite the ego boost, it makes you feel wanted, it just feels good, period. 

So here I am, getting these good feelings by interactions I’m having with guild members. Some of my romantic/relationship needs are being met. Is this causing me to not go else where to seek out flirtation and in turn the reason I’m not meeting someone?  

This type of activity is pretty par for my course.  In every hobby I’ve had, there’s been flirtation, romance, fun, etc.  What makes my WoW hobby different is that these flirtations have very little chance to develop into something more.  Although we are close by one another in Azeroth, in real life the distance is far.

Ok, so I don’t have a good way of ending this.  Maybe I just haven’t met someone, maybe it’s just not my time yet.  WoW may have nothing at all to do with it.  I may be scapegoating here. 

Chin up.

Christmas Lagout

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Yeah Coal again….The Pile is getting kind of big now. I am the biggest use of fossil fuels in Illinois now.

Just wishing you a Merry Christmas, if you celebrate..if not…Merry Weekend.

A little more manly song….Merry Fucking Christmas to you.

Ok one more…A Classic.. 

With that…