About The Authors

Chris  “River” –

Well My name is Christopher Cavelle. I have played video games since the Atari 2600, making sure Pitfall Harry doesn’t fall into the pit of crocs, or battling my older brother in Combat.

I go by many nicknames, the one used the most is River. I also am called Heatscourger, or Heater sometimes. I have been involved in MMO’s since 2002. I’ve been involved in blogs for over a year now.

I write for a couple.

My Personal one is here.


My WAR blog lies here.


My email is cc0926 (at) gmail (dot) com


**FTC Warning – I, Chris, am a cheap whore, and if I like something most likely got paid for it, or recieved it for free. If you are reading my blog, I would hope you  recieved above a  4th grade education,  have some sort of grasp on reality, and have not just chugged a fifth of Jack Daniels.   I hope you wouldn’t take my words as gospel truth. If you do please send me an email, and we will discuss the process of sending me all your earthly wealth, shaving your head, donning your robes, forming a commune in my name.

*** I have received Jack Daniels before for free, and I endorse that product.

10 Responses to “About The Authors”

  1. Thanks for the spot in the blogroll, I returned the favour =)


  2. […] disclosure I am not receiving anything for this, but I do want you, and others to know as my “About Me’ page states…I am a cheap whore, and have no integrity, or shame for that matter. You want […]

  3. You ever play EQOA?


    • Yes I played EQ for 2 weeks, didnt like it so much, probably because at the time I was playing DAOC, and loving it. EQ is/was to carebear for me at the time. I need death, and carnage in my MMO’s.

  4. River mind if i throw you a shout out in Rift? Let me know your toon/server!

  5. Erin Hawthorne Says:

    Chris….errr Mr. River

    I absolutely love your SWTOR blog, I play on the Ebon Hawk Server, am in two guilds and have both Sith and Jedi toons. If you ever get on that server the look me up. It’s either Aitayalsa or Ziamara. Thanks for making me laugh.

  6. […] warlock, and are reading this trying to get an edge on ‘locks (Yes, I’m looking at you Mr. Rivs and don’t think I forget your Bday!) my best advice is to keep reading knowing that if you see […]

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