It is with the heaviest of hearts that I make this post today.

Although I haven’t posted in a while, River and I have remained friends, mostly keeping updated through facebook. When I logged in yesterday I saw hundreds of posts from River’s friends and family being made to his facebook wall. As I read through them I was met with the news that River passed away yesterday.

The messages from his friends and family are so touching. It is apparent he was loved and appreciated by so many people. I know he impacted my life in a very positive way.

Although we never met in person, he was my friend from afar. He gave me advice, he stood up for me, and he always made me laugh. I know he sometimes struggled to find a balance in life, because he was so giving of himself. He was the first to help his parents and his friends in their times of need. He will be greatly missed.

I know he has had an impact on many of his readers. You may not have always agreed with him – but you were always laughing – and you were always reading. And I think that is what he wanted. To share his thoughts, to impact others – and through that communication to impact himself. I know he loved writing and keeping up with this blog. And I know I will love to be able to go back and read through it in the future and think of him.

For those that may be interested in leaving a note of condolence or sending flowers I located a page dedicated to his memory.


I’ll end with the final post River made to his personal blog, Chaotic Ramblings.


by Christina Georgina Rossetti

Remember me when I am gone away,

Gone far away into the silent land;

When you can no more hold me by the hand,

Nor I half turn to go yet turning stay.

Remember me when no more day by day

You tell me of our future that you plann’d:

Only remember me; you understand

It will be late to counsel then or pray.

Yet if you should forget me for a while

And afterwards remember, do not grieve:

For if the darkness and corruption leave

A vestige of the thoughts that once I had,

Better by far you should forget and smile

Than that you should remember and be sad.


Love you Riv.

56 Responses to “Remember”

  1. Oh no.

    Goodbye River. 😦

    I’ll miss you mi amigo.

  2. Wow, this is quite a shock. I didn’t know Rivs outside of this blog, but he will be missed and remembered. I always had to be careful to scroll past the half-dressed women he posted when reading his blog at work.

  3. scarybooster Says:

    I’m speechless… I’ll miss him

  4. One hell of a shock. Like others, I didn’t know him personally but he was an exceptional guy – I personally owed him more than a couple of beers for the time and help he selflessly offered to a charity drive, and I’m sad that I’ll never get the chance to return that favour.

    Wishing peace for his friends and family.

  5. I’m shocked…I’m sad.

    We started blogging together when playing WAR..and I enjoyed his ..ramblings even when our gaming preferences have changed.

    Even though we have never met in reaI life I will miss you, River…Christopher.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about @theeriver. I only knew him through twitter but he made me smile almost daily. A great guy.

  7. […] getting news that one of our blogging brethren, River of A High Latency Life, has passed away.  Riv was right up there in the thick of us Warhammer Online bloggers back in the day and was a […]

  8. Wow, I am at a loss. Like many here, I only knew River online, through Twitter and his blog here. He always made me laugh and was willing to grow and learn. I’ll miss you, Rivs.

  9. 😦 I don’t know what else to say. That’s… 😦

  10. […] am shocked and saddened to hear of the sudden passing of one of our community members – Chris "River" Cavelle. Rivs authored High Latency Life and I personally thoroughly enjoyed interacting with him. I read […]

  11. Your view on gaming and life was both funny and for me, uplifting. Although we never met in person, your blog and internet presents was a big part of my life and the lives of many others and your abscence will most definitly be noticed. You made me laugh everyday and I will miss that.

  12. Rest in peace, I only had the opportunity to have brief words with him as I just befriended him on blog and twitter :(. My condolences.

  13. I’m so sorry for River’s family and friends–he was funny and lively and entertaining and deep all at the same time. We’ve lost a good one; you won’t be forgotten.

  14. I don’t know what to say… this a huge shock. We were all just chatting away to him the other day.. He will be very much missed. My thoughts are with his friends and family.

  15. /Salute to Rivs. You will be missed. – Ful

  16. Your wit and spot on sense of humour will be missed River; I am so shocked and saddened by this loss. It’s tragic when the world loses a good heart that comes with an open mind. With your parting comes a gift as well, a reminder to take life neither casually nor for granted.

    Much love to your memory and the friends and family that you have left behind.

  17. Oh my. )-: Vale River…

  18. […] fellow bloggers passed away yesterday. Christopher “River” Cavelle, who runs the blog “A High Latency Life” was taken from us at the young age of 41. Being only ten years older than me, it puts a lot into […]

  19. Rest in peace, River. I always enjoyed reading your thoughts and writing.

  20. […] don’t usually like to double post, but … having just learned that River has sadly passed away, I had to just put this out there. Losing somebody you knew online is always a bit of a shock to […]

  21. This news took me by complete shock. River and I quickly bonded over our love of games and food from trucks. I was really excited at the idea of going to Chicago to visit some of the trucks he kept telling me about.

    Although we only knew each other with a screen in front of us, I count him as a friend and this news felt like a dagger to my heart. River always made me smile and had such a beautiful soul and a very loved member of the community we all share.

    Rest in peace my friend and save me a seat near the trucks up there, I’ll bring the laptops.

  22. I to never got a chance to meet him in person though he lived in Chicago. I will miss him on Twitter with his daily words that made me and others laugh and forget our own troubles.
    May he be in a better place and at peace.

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  24. […] I am saddened by the news that one of my long time gamer/blogger friends passed away earlier this week. Christopher “River” Cavelle, also known to many of us as @theeriver on Twitter, was […]

  25. This is fucking horrendous news.

    I didn’t ever have the pleasure of meeting Chris in real life but he reached out to me about five years ago when I started out blogging and helped me on my way. He Always had my back when I quit then returned with a new blog every year lol. That summed him up, always helping others.

    Rivs you will be missed my friend, the blogosphere has lost a good un x

  26. Never interacted with River much but dang. I quite enjoyed his posts with the sexy women. 😦 RIP River. Looks like you touched a lot of lives.

  27. So sorry to hear River has passed on. I can only pray and hope in his final resting that his Soul is at peace and that he is rest in a good peaceful place.

  28. You were the only one to always encourage my crazy blog. I love you sweet pea. RIP, we will see each other soon. Love, Sunshine.

  29. […] the group of bloggers I humbly consider myself a part of learned that one of our own passed away suddenly. There’s been a tremendous outpouring from family and friends on his Facebook page as well as […]

  30. Rivs… It can’t possibly be real…

    May you rest in peace. Know that you will not be forgotten.

    Whether we agreed with you or not, found your humour to our liking or not, I don’t think anyone could deny your kindheartedness and magnetic personality. You’ve supported, cheered on and entertained so many of us in the blogosphere. Now I regret all the conversations and laughs we didn’t have because you were taken from us too soon.

    Every time I see a sexy lady picture, I will think of you 🙂 (And I’m sure that you’d have it no other way.)

  31. -Pagan- Says:

    Reblogged this on Random Encounters: A Multigaming Blog and commented:
    In memory of Christopher “River” Cavelle. Twitter friend and fellow blogger.

    “It’s a fragile thing, this life we lead.”

    So long @theeriver thanks for the laughs and endless entertainment. #Godspeed

  32. -Pagan- Says:

    “It’s a fragile thing, this life we lead.”

    So long @theeriver thanks for the laughs and endless entertainment. #Godspeed

  33. R.I.P. buddy, I am gonna post a sexy lady on my blog as a tribute

  34. […] Rivs was a one off, a great blogger and a loyal friend. I’m honored to have gotten to know him and lucky enough to have had his support and advice in the many (like 5 or 6) blogs I started up over the years then deleted. […]

  35. […] learned from Syp, as many others in the gaming blogosphere did too this AM about the sad passing of fellow blogger River of A High Latency Life blog. Now, I did not know Riv as well as others did, but from what I gathered from the short time I read […]

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  37. […] word is out that three rivs has passed away suddenly. It’s always shocking when someone young is taken. I don’t know the ins and outs of what […]

  38. […] night the news of MMO blogger River’s passing (A High Latency Life) rolled over my twitter feed like a dark cloud, wrapping up a large portion of the blogosphere in […]

  39. Terrible, shocking news. 😦 Don’t even know what to say. Best wishes to his family and friends during this awful time.

  40. […] this post.  Yesterday was a very sad day for the gaming blogosphere.  It was early afternoon when we got the news through a post on his blog, and the sorrow reverberated through the community like the aftershocks […]

  41. […] of us video game bloggers and twitter friends and G+ families heard that we lost one of our own. Christopher “River” Cavelle passed away. He was young, and he wasn’t someone I would say I typically got along with […]

  42. As a new blogger, he took me under his wing – and I likely would have quit blogging if not for him. He was kind, witty, and loyal. From reading his personal blog, I was deeply impressed by his dedication to his family. Though we hadn’t spoken much recently, I miss him terribly.

  43. Gonna miss you man.

  44. […] My brain’s still not really processing the news. We weren’t super close, but he was great fun to chat/joke with on Twitter and is one of the few bloggers that I read who could write a rant and be both funny and abrasive. I’m going to miss you, Riv. […]

  45. Wow. River, I always enjoyed reading your blog. I started following Way of the Chosen and it helped get me into writing my own blog(s). The Chosen lost a good man.

  46. Rest in Peace, River. We hardly knew ye. May your blog in heaven be read by all the angels.

  47. Thanks for the great blog all these years. You will be missed. Rest in peace, friend.

  48. Salvaenus Says:

    I hope wherever you are Rivs you are in a better place and your latency is finally low. Thank you for all your humor and wit that you have shared with us the past years. My heartfelt condolences to the family.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Riv, You were loved by many and always had a joke or comment to keep us all on our toes and laughing…. you will be soooo missed…. I already miss looking at your facebook page for your newest Shenanigans…. I was almost hoping this was some kind of joke… you were an awesome gaming buddy and a fantastic friend…. we lub you man! /smoochies Cely

  50. scarybooster Says:


  51. I miss my Friday blog-post emails. I still stop by the site now and again to keep the fun memory of Rivs and his posts going =)

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