Blogging No More

gameSo my mentor says blogging is dead.  I don’t agree with him, sure it’s took some hits but it’s far from dead. Cynic wrote a couple of great posts about it, and I won’t rehash it cause how can you improve on that great writing, I’ll just add my 2 cents…which in today’s market is worth about half a penny.

Is blogging dead? No I can say with full honesty it is not dead. I think it has changed, and taken some blows like when Google reader closed it’s doors. I think bloggers are going to a more consolidated format like several bloggers on a bigger site.  If it was a dead medium my blogroll wouldn’t be so full, and I check occasionally for dead blogs. New blogs coming out every day,  I can’t keep up. If it was dead no one would be writing.

I think there is still lots to say about video gaming, and MMO’s I just don’t have the time to read it all.

5 Responses to “Blogging No More”

  1. Before, if you wanted to say something about a game, your choices were the official forums, unofficial forums, or your own blog. Now people who have a thing to say may use twitter or the facebook (shudder) or reblog with tumblr and a short comment, or yammer on reddit, or use a podcast or even live streaming. People can scratch the itch of sharing their ideas without adhering to a long-form post format. I see that as a good thing for blogs – that the people still left in blogging are comfortable with writing.

    In a few guilds back, a guildie of mine sounded like a normal, cogent person on ventrillo but when he posted, he was an incoherent mess. I kept thinking – if you’d just write down what you’re saying exactly as you say it, it will make total sense. But his brain didn’t work that way. Just like the few times I’ve done podcasting I’m like duh duh wut. My brain doesn’t work THAT way.

    So there are more options for people to blather on in the medium that is most comfortable for them – and the people who are not comfortable with the long-form have exited stage left. I won’t say that those of us left are the bestest writers – there are some lousy blogs out there (and those people might want to consider podcasting haha). But it is rather self-selecting at this point now that there are so many options.

    • theerivs Says:

      I’m a shitty writer , and really don’t bring anything to the table…but I’m stubborn like a mule and refuse to give up blogging lol

  2. I’m with you Rivs! I also agree with Njessi. People were once forced to blog if they wanted to chat, but have since found the mediums they are happy with sharing. This doesn’t make blogging any less relevant but more relevant to a certain content-creators and consumers. For example, I don’t Tweet. I don’t watch podcasts. I enjoy reading.

    Thankfully I have many blogs to read about games and participate. If it was all podcasts, I’d just stop consuming content. There are a ton of great blogs out there! (here?) =)

  3. It’s certainly tough finding new blogs but I find they pop up on Twitter or through other people’s posts and comment feeds, sometimes on forums or during events like the NBI enough to somewhat keep up. Somewhat. Keeping up on blogs in general, however. Eek! Why I like your posts. Short and easy to read. Anything TOO long and I’m asleep.

    • theerivs Says:

      Ever since I started blogging I’ve had a vision, I know I’m not the best writer so I try to be the TMZ of the blog world..short blurbs about crap lol

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