There is Only Zoo

zuul-ghostbusters-terror-dogI was talking about the Reynad’s Zoo deck (actually a slightly modified version of his)  yesterday so much, I actually never played it. I mean how awesome could it be?

I just have to say, it’s pretty fucking amazing. I mean I went 14-2 yesterday in ranked play, best I ever did..ever. I feel dirty though…real dirty like a dirty crack whore. Sure it felt good to win, but I was winning on someone else’s hard work. Like I made a deal with the devil, and at the end my soul will be forfeit.

Also it’s not all powerful, sometimes the RNG gods played me falsely. Both times I lost to a warrior, I really never got a good warrior deck going, but things like whirlwind really rip this deck apart. I think it was because I got higher costing cards early, and that set back the tempo.

Though this Zoo is powerful, I think maybe some changes could be made.

I’m really not a fan of those Harvest Golems. I was thinking flipping it out for a Blood Knight, take advantage of those shields if I have Squires out, and a Flesh Eating Ghoul, lot of lowbies could mean alot of deaths that ghoul can get high fast.  Not a huge..huge fan of the Doomguards cause of the discard option, but that charge is huge kick in the butt.

I’d like to build a good warrior deck too, I’m thinking this…or maybe this.

Well a lot of tweaks and such coming up, but still impressed with this deck I had to say something.

4 Responses to “There is Only Zoo”

  1. I’m gonna try this deck out–I don’t care if I feel dirty. I barely ever win in ranked or play matches, and if a zoo deck is what it takes…SO BE IT. 😀

  2. I love the Zoo deck, and I based mine off of his but have toyed with it in different ways. I’m thinking of adding in a Molten Giant just so that I have a beefy finisher and it synergizes with the health lost from the hero power.

    Doomguard is a fantastic card, I have two in my zoo deck. If you time it right, you’ll lose only one card, or none at all and get a 5/7 with charge. If it works out that you lose two cards, try to make it so that you lose two cards that won’t make an immediate impact. It’s an underrated card.

    • theerivs Says:

      Yeah ever since I had some bad timing issues lost a iron dwarf one time but for the most part I love my doomguards too

      • I love the deck because with even rare and lower cards it can be beast. Epics/legendaries aren’t even needed. Unfortunately it seems to be weak against totem shaman decks.

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