No Girlz Allowed

nogirlsSo today me and the feminists got into it today again over WoD on ye olde Twitter.  I think I’ve grown and am a little more mature since my youth, and like all Lawful Evil people I have a code I abide to, as well as they say if you want to understand someone walk a mile in their shoes, and I did. Heels are a mutha yo. Though I’m more in touch with my feminine side, I still get a knee jerk reaction from the hard core feminists.

The posts in question are namely, Why do we Fight, and Draenor Rock City. Here are my issues…

1. The Game isn’t Even Released Yet –  The game isn’t even released yet and people are picking it apart from second hand sources. I mean really give them time to work on the game, and fix issues before you tear it apart.

2. Chopper Thing – I really don’t know why Blizz is doing this, I really don’t care, but motorcycles are not just the realm of men. My girlfriend loves motorcycles. I do not. I play their game, I don’t ride around on their motorcycles.

3. Thy Name is Hypocrite –  So your still going to play when it comes out, and in your heart of hearts you call it sexist, and defamatory toward females. That makes you a hypocrite, and probably worse then someone who is ignorant.

4. Helping Hand – We need more females in gaming, these posts do more harm then good I think by scaring them into thinking video games are just filled with misogyny, and bad stuff.  I think your helping those guys that don’t want girls in video games, by knocking back the ones on the fence.

5. Being savage is not the realm of man alone –  Women are no stranger to savagery as I see the news filled with mothers killing their children, or shows like Snapped showing where women do horrible things.

6. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar – I think some people are seeing things that may not be the case, or trying to connect dots that just arent connecting.

Are there problems in video games being male-centric? Yes I do. Do I believe as a man I can try to do my best to make these video games more welcoming to my female friends? Yes for sure.  In the end though Blizzard is a business, and that business is to make money. To make money if that needs to cater to men, it will do so. If you have umbrage with Blizzard do so with your money, cause as my Daddy use to say, “Money talks….bullshit walks”

4 Responses to “No Girlz Allowed”

  1. the only real issue I have so far with WoD is the continued use of the female dragons as breeding stock. They get raped, their eggs destroyed, raped again, threatened with rape, and then they do it to OTHER female dragons. Why is it ok because they may be humanoid, but they’re not “human”? Its still something being used a repeat plot point and then they’re not even addressing it as a rape. The other thing is, this is a T rated game…last I checked rape was according to ESRB not a T rating :/
    Also the last point makes me realllllly want a smoke now, GOD DAMMIT RIVER D:<

    • theerivs Says:

      I think it’s “ok” cause they are not human. It’s not ok with me, but animal rights aside, dragons are sentient creatures.

  2. Coppertopper Says:

    Am am pretty much disgusted by the ‘why do we fight’ article. The blogger stated “Blizzard condones rape jokes” with the thinnest thread of reasoning ever to make a connection between a Hearthstone card and that insane theory. Its this hyper sensitivity thing thats going on lately where no matter what you say or do, some opportunistic coward will drop the race/sexist card just to get attention or derail thoughtful discussion.

    • theerivs Says:

      I think that’s the biggest thing that irked me as well. A lot of female gamers also agreed it was a thin thread. To be honest the picture is a little off, who the hell nocks an arrow that way…but at the worst it’s a bad pic, and the text has nothing to do with the pic.

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