Loot the Dogs

jaina-proudmooreIf you were a Molten Core raider, and you didn’t hear this screamed over your headset, you were missing out I think. As a former raider back in the Vanilla/BC/Wrath days I kind of fell out of the loop. Since my PvP clan has gone to greener pastures mainly ESO, I thought to try to pick up raiding again. Luckily I won Kurn’s Guide to Raiding. I won by posting my first purple the Axe of the Deep Woods, which my friend and Guild Leader gave my Orc Tanking Warrior back in the day…like way way back in the day.  I thought one good turn deserves another, so let me tell you a bit about the guide.

This isn’t really a review, reviewing the great writing Kurn does would be like a caveman teaching a physics class. The writing is top notch. It kept my interest with not only tips, and pointers but Kurn shared stories of her raiding days which made it that much more interesting. That brings the guide home, Kurn wasn’t perfect but it’s that striving for perfection that made her a great raider, and guild leader. She’s not afraid to shy away from her failures, but those failures we’re the key to her success.

True there was some bits where I thought it was common sense, but then I thought back to my days of raiding hardcore, and say to myself some raiders may need a dose of common sense. Also it isn’t laden with specs, and stats and with WoD coming out it shouldn’t be about that, but Kurn gives great places on to where to look for these things, some I have heard about, some I haven’t.

I thought the guide itself was great, and if your serious about raiding, or leading a guild I urge to check her out at http;//kurn.info

Tell her Riv sent you!

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