Tailor Swift

taylor-swift-6So I’ve been working on my Tailoring cause I want to make the 553 pants, and belt. I have pretty much all honor gear at 522 minus the pants, and one trinket. A couple things about leveling a profession it is expensive as hell. I think I burned through almost 10k of gold doing it, and I’m pretty broke now. That’s ok I got a lot of time to build back my gold reserves before WoD.

Interesting thing last night I usually do an Onyxia run for the mount, and I got a book that trained me for Northrend Cloth Scavaging. Which I think garners me more cloth drops in Northrend. This might lead me to making some good ole Frostweave bags to up my money. Of course no mount.

I have to farm some Pandarian mobs to get me the celestial cloth recipe tonight, I might down a potion of luck, hopefully that helps.

The future plan with the warlock is just work on accumulating gold, working on some fun transmogs, and getting my Brawlers Guild rank up, plenty to do until Warlords.

3 Responses to “Tailor Swift”

  1. The cloth scavenging works for all cloth, not just Northrend. That was just when they introduced it.

    I know the Celestial Cloth pattern dropped almost immediately for my tailor.

  2. Yep, the scavenging works for all Frostweave+ cloth types… now that you have it, pay attention to trash packs in raids… once they’re looted some mobs will light back up with cloth for you to snag. Easy to miss if you’ve moved on, nice bonus cloth if you’re paying attention.

    One caveat to the patterns, I believe they require 600 skill to drop… they should drop quickly for anyone who’s 600 skill but don’t spend 4 hours farming for it on a toon that’s at 590 like … uh, someone who looks a lot like me did a while back.

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