I’m No Hero

sexy1I got invited to the Heroes of the Storm Alpha so I dove into it a bit. Now I’m never played an MOBA style game before so I have no frame of reference, is that a good thing or bad thing I don’t know yet. The good thing is I’m not jaded by other MOBA’s to hyper critical of this game, and I can just play it, and have some fun.

Lets start talking about the Heroes themselves. There are 4 basic types of heroes.

Types of Heroes

Assassin – Which is more offensive powerhouse, but weak defense. ex. Kerrigan

Warrior – Melee Slugger, more defensive ex. Diablo

Support – Abilities that support the team more than others. ex. Malfurion.

Specialist – More specialized in there talents to really fill in the blanks of a team. ex. Gazlowe

Though I haven’t played with most of the Heroes, I only played with Tyreal and Jim Raynor.  There talents seem balanced and the game so far is fun. I am looking forward to playing as Arthas, one of his abilities is calling down Sindrogosa. Some of the heroes just seem like an odd selection like Abathur, but as a specialist I can see him helping a team out. I look forward as they release new and different heroes.

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