Weakly Lagout

High Latency Living – 

Well I got a nice surprise last night and got extended an invite to Heroes of the Storm. I played a bit but I’ll save my findings for a full post. Other then that just rocking the lock getting ready for Warlords.

High Latency Love – 

I’m going to be honest I’m not a huge Podcast guy, for the same reason I don’t listen to audio books…I just don’t have the time but what I did check out is pretty funny, and cool Check out Brian at the Nerd Nuke. 

High Latency Laugh – 



With that..



2 Responses to “Weakly Lagout”

  1. Jealous of your Heroes of the Storm invite. I played a lot of LoL seasons one and two!

    make some posts about it if it isn’t under NDA

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