My Expanded Thoughts

felicia-dayWarlord of Draenor is coming and people are all excited about it, and some not to excited about it. I’ve been thinking about some things and thought I would give my 2 cents worth, which sadly on todays currency market is only worth 1.3 cents.

Insta-90′s – I don’t really mind about insta-90’s  because I’m not a serious raider, but I use to be and would understand the challenges for hardened raiders when dealing with this. There is talk of a mechanic where you would need at least a silver in challenge mode to get into certain raids. I see this as a double edged sword, a good thing that something to measure skill besides the item level, bust a bad thing as it can be abused, and even cheated on.

Gear Changes – I think some gear changes are really in order, and need to bring back to basics.  Something interesting about quests giving random epic stuff sounds interesting.

10 more levels – I like leveling so this will be fun, but then again I got 3 toons, possibly 4 (if I boost a toon) to do it with so I’m not looking forward too all that grinding.

Garrisons– One of the major features I am really looking forward too. I need more gold for this I’m sure, been farming nonstop. I want to hit 200k on gold before the expansion hits, and if I do boost a 90 have that toon ready to level as well

Racial Traits – Not so pleased on some things, like where’s Diplomacy? Also not to happy with upping the Forsaken’s trait to 3 minutes instead of 2. Some of the others are pretty ok, like the Goblins upped haste buff. So I’m a little torn here.

No Flying Mounts – Uhm Suck my Cock Blizz. I really hate this. Of course I understand in the beginning no flying mounts but if I hit 100 I want to fly around damn it.

Overall – I’m really looking forward to this expansion, sure I would love a new class, or race, and some other stuff like flying…I think though overall it looks like it will be a good time.


4 Responses to “My Expanded Thoughts”

  1. I loooooove the fact there is no flying mounts. Finally some wpvp……. if they sort out the gear disaster of MoP. Overall Im still undecided if I’ll play tbh depends how i get on with Wildstar in the long run I suppose.

    • theerivs Says:

      First of all great to hear from you, secondly Are you in Wildstar Beta?

      • Haha yeah Ive been hiding in plain sight (you have linked to my blog 😉 azriell )

        I was in beta. Gonna have to buy the game to get back in.

      • theerivs Says:

        I know I got you linked, but thought you were on a break.. but I see you came back in Jan…ok now I know 😛

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