My Little Pony

06So Hearthstone went live yesterday and as a thank you they are giving you a pretty cool flying mount in World of Warcraft, a blue or red flying horse, which actually looks pretty cool. You have to win 3 times in play or arena to get your new horsey. Everyone who was doing Play was getting the blue horse it seemed.  So I’ll crush it in Arena. I went with Mage hero, and I drew some nice cards especially the pyroblast card. I was crushing it in Arena won 5 in a row until I lost 3 in a row a mage, then a pally, then another mage…to be honest the last one my heart wasn’t in it.

I logged into WoW to check my mount…damn it i got blue. Did anyone get red?  I wanted to get some easy pvp points, so I took my Warlock to Domination Point, my server is really lame no one farming these pvp rares. So I tried to kill Ubunti myself….yeah he has this ability that DOT’s me and pretty much kills me. The others weren’t up, I hope one of them is a nice easy tank and spank.

After being a little disappointed I just logged for the night.

6 Responses to “My Little Pony”

  1. From what I was hearing, the red one is not available yet. Everyone gets blue.

    As for the rares, I never had any issues with them. Are you using all of your correct cooldowns? Check out Lyssi’s armory for the talents she has. Maybe you just don’t have the correct survivability ones set up.

    Or you could be a silly warlock and not killing the rares with your Voidlord. :-p

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