Did You Think We Had Forgotten?

Warlock6So I’ve been playing the Warlock alot, the other day I looked at my mage and lamented on how I haven’t played him in awhile, also in light of the mage changes coming down the path I decided I need to update the mage gear at the very least. There is a special place in my heart for the mage class it was my first class I played, though I switched to Warrior when my guild needed tanking. I went back to the mage when my guild left WoW for a short time.

Also I do like playing alliance, most of my buddies are playing alliance now, but my heart will always be horde, even more so the Forsaken. I love the Forsaken philosophy if you will, their survivors. In the Wrathgate cinematic where he says, ” Did you think we had forgotten? Did you think we had forgiven?” I got a forsaken boner.

So last night I logged into the mage, and started updating the gear, I got as much crafted malevolent gear as I can afford to replace some dreadful pieces, then I hit the timeless isle. I did a Celestial, and got bumpkiss.  I did get a few items some cuffs, and boots. Then I got this, a Burden of Eternity. I was like hmm. So I used it on my boots. HOLY CRAP it made it a 535 ilevel boots. NICE. I’m addicted to those now…I want more of em. I’m loving my mage again, so I might be hooked.



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