Breaking my Hearth

download (3)So last night I thought I would do some Hearthstone. Still trying to tweek my Druid deck it seems like times I kick ass, others I get my ass handed to me. It’s not consistent…or the players I’m playing in Casual aren’t consistent. Whatever the case it still isn’t where I like it.

I got enough gold to step in the arena. My hero choices were Warrior, Rogue, and Paladin. I just don’t feel I’m good with the Warrior, or Rogue though I like alot of their abilities/cards I just don’t know how to get that synergy. So I went with the Palading. I got a bunch of slop. Really I got that crab that eats murlocs, and not a single murloc came up after that.  First two games I won actually, more so I think because luck was on my side, and the other guys playing made some critical errors. That got my hopes up…then I got my arse beat 3 times in a row.  Badly one time around, I feel there is a player in Arena that gets these awesome…awesome cards, cause I know I don’t get them.

Well like Kenny said, “Got to know when to walk away”..usually for me it’s when I get crushed like a bug.

2 Responses to “Breaking my Hearth”

  1. I absolutely suck at playing druid, just can’t get it right. Had a couple dailies for it last week and it took forever to fill them and my hatred for the deck grew further.

    Would love to have a game against you to see how it’s done

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