Momma Said There Would Be Days Like This

nurses-uniforms14Well I’m having one of those weeks…all bad. Monday was a complete fail in terms I fooked up at work.. lets just say virtual server sometimes not that awesome, though I got some new pieces Tuesday with the patch I was still bummed about how things we’re going.

Yesterday started with me doing a face plant on the sidewalk, normally I don’t mind when something gets me all wet…but falling is not cool. Then I get the talk from the boss…you know that talk…the “you fucked up, don’t do it again” talk

When I came home I was a bit bummed, didn’t even feel like playing but thought maybe it would help with the funk. So I did a couple BG’s and wasn’t feeling it…so I went to the Timeless Isle hopefully to get a piece or two I’m missing ( I needed pants, and trinket)  I killed an rare turtle, and woot I got pants.

So a group was forming to kill Yu’Lon the Jade Serpent…well not really kill him I guess, but to take his challenge. Well we knocked it out, and I actually got something… A Prideful Gladiator Cord of Accuracy…which is hot, and it really cheered me up…well that and some whiskey.  I figured I better turn in early and get some rest.

After a good night of WoW and some sleep…things are looking up.

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