You are not Prepared

World_of_Warcraft_DraeneiWell either am I really…New Patch is coming…but I thought I had time to bank honor, now I don’t think I do.  I’m glad I spent my conquest on my shoulders which was good.

I vowed not to get collectors editions ever again..but you bastards at Blizzard are tempting me with this. 

Also as we prepare for the 90 boost feature I wonder what toon I want to boost. I have a pet class already so I don’t think hunter. I was thinking perhaps a shaman…or maybe a druid. We’ll see. Does anyone know if it’s just 1 90 boost…or if it’s 1 90 boost per server or something like that?

I also wish I had more time to better gear my Paladin as well…oh well I guess I am not prepared at all..but I’m looking forward to the new season and I hope I get some good gear.

4 Responses to “You are not Prepared”

  1. One boost per account, sounds like you’ll be able to do any class on any server, new or existing toon. Not sure how (or if) this will impact the DK restriction, though, as of a few months ago you still couldn’t just create a DK on a new server, you had to level another toon to 60 (I think) on the server first.

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