I Need a Virgin

snowwhiteI need a virgin to sacrifice to the RNG Gods they must be angry at me. O Gods of Randomness please accept my prayers.

Well last night I killed that cow of a celestial Oxdude, and I didn’t get shite…not one thing. Is there a timer on these things I don’t know about?  I’m just mad I had to listen to his stupid words of wisdom again.

Then I did the Chemical Valentine Day Dungeon thing on my tank…the caster necklace dropped. I did on my warlock the tanking neck dropped, and no rocket at all…but that’s a gimme cause that drops for no one.

The PvP gods still smiled on me my first BG last night was a winner…..every other time I got beat so bad I had a lot of butt hurt.

Tonight it will be more of the same, but maybe after a decent sacrifice I’ll get something to drop. The problem is I don’t know any virgins..unless you count anal.

One Response to “I Need a Virgin”

  1. I don’t know any even with that caveat. 😉

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