Losing Time on the Timeless Isle

photo (5)So I’ve been spending my time on Timeless Isle…alot of time. I did a bunch of quests and stuff, and for my effort I got some boots.

To be honest I got some stuff when I did the timeless isle on my paladin, got a robe/gloves/boots/cloak while I was on my pally

So I did a Celestial, actually I did 2. I guess you can only kill one a day. I jumped my ass across the island, hoped on pillars and ropes. I bartered with a monkey in a cave, I got launched in the sky by a statue, and killed a bunch of rares….

What did I get for my effort…

A Cowl for my head….that’s it. Thanks for nothing…but hey at least my boobs look hot in the robe.


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