Warlocks of Honor

warlock4So this weekend I went on a massive PvP spree, I garnered a couple of pieces for my set, as well as some Timeless Pieces as well. I got some pvp trinkets/ring/necklace. Here’s the plan to get my weapon this week, hopefully I’ll have it by the end of the week.  After the weapon it will be time to start banking honor, conquest, and justice. I don’t know when the new season starts exactly but I know it’s ending next Tuesday. I’m really enjoying myself in the Warlock role.

A couple things though, still don’t know which demon I should be using figured the Shivarra is best choice for Random BG’s. When and If I start Arenas I should probably use the Observer maybe.  I am sticking to Destro, it’s what I feel the most comfortable playing…most magelike LOL! Aside from gear I think I’m getting better play wise, I got some compliments. I need to learn some macros, and better with my fearing.

Overall though I think next season is gonna be pretty good if I stick to it, but for now I need more honor…I crave it, and your souls!


One Response to “Warlocks of Honor”

  1. Cynwise has you down for macros. He has a bunch on his site that he used to use.

    I don’t pvp enough to tell you which pet to use. I’ve been using the observer for the interrupts.

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