My Faith in Humanity

Whos-Awesome_DogTypically as a species I hate humans…I really think they are the cockroaches of the mammal world.

I am almost 90 with the Warlock, and I want to say a special thank you to some guys from the guild ROYALTY , Tork and Giullo ran a couple instances with me, which helped alot doing back to back dungeons no waiting 25 minutes for each one. They were both level 90, and I don’t know why they we doing the Gate of the Setting Sun Instance, (Think that’s it’s name). Having them there made for some quick clearing as well. Even though I was a noob. Started out with the Voidlord. I was trying to multitask, until Tork said, “Uhm you can use a dps pet” …OOPS…sorry. They were joking, and having fun with it. It made both runs very fun, and painless. It’s times like this that it restores my faith in the “Looking For” stuff, and perhaps humanity.

So after doing those two runs with them. I logged out cause I didn’t want to ruin the warm fuzzy I was feeling, even though being a pubic hair away from 90. Tonight I finish it! I hope.  If you are on Gnomereggan server, and you see these guys tell them I said thank you for restoring my faith in humanity for just one night.

One Response to “My Faith in Humanity”

  1. After all the talk about pets and you still had your VW out.

    I am disappoint Rivs!

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