I Hate Women

BearBrownI am the villain in this story. I am the one who eats babies, and kicks puppies. I destroy everything in my path. I am the Lich King, Garrosh, and Hogger all rolled into one. In all good stories the bad guy is just as important as the hero of the story. I remember in my youth, when all my friends wanted to be cops, I wanted to be the robber. They were cowboys, I was an Indian. They were He-Man, I was Skeletor. I was the Decepticon to their Autobots.

Today got into a little twitter debate, a self claimed feminist claimed disgust with an achievement of looking up a girls skirt in a game. I think it was Lollipop something or rather. You play  a scantily clad girl, chainsawing things, it’s uber violent. I said that to me getting upset at this game for having that achievement, is like getting upset over porn because it had no plot. She called that disgusting, and made me a misogynist.   So now I hate women, because I feel if you are going to hate the ills of the world, you shouldn’t pick and choose. It’s wrong to look up a girls skirt without her consent…no shit…but isn’t it wrong to chop people up into little bits too? No that’s ok in their mind, and they actually defend the violence.  One feminist even went as far as to justify this train of thought…and I quote.

“The difference between replicating sexual assault/violations in video games vs. mass murder is that a) sexual assault happens every day b) mass murder victims don’t typically have to survive with what happened to them”

Murder doesn’t happen every day? Yeah murder victims don’t survive…that’s why they are uhm..dead..hence murdered. Understand what logic we’re dealing with…what we’re up against. Then when you refute their way of thinking they dismiss you as a bad guy, a hater of women, a misogynist. In their eyes I am the scum of the scum, the source of all evil, and unlike most people I revel in that.

Here’s the thing sexual assault, and rape are in and themselves violent acts, if you don’t condone these acts, then you must stand against all violence. You can’t just pick and choose, that’s like saying being shot by a gun is wrong, but knife stabbings are ok.  If your delicate sensibilities are offended by a certain aspect of something hate the whole thing. Don’t be a hypocrite, and then when someone points out your hypocrisy you dismiss them in a fit of anger.  If your passionate about something, you must be able to face your opponents and make them believe you, not dismiss them, cause honey I am not going away anytime soon.

So if you’re a women, why are you reading this, aren’t you in the kitchen suppose to be making a sammich…I got to go…I have skirts to look up.


6 Responses to “I Hate Women”

  1. I hate feminists.
    Her logic makes no sense- those murder victims are dead but fuck their family & friends! The victim is dead so it’s OK to replicate murders, just not sexual assaults.

  2. Lollypop Chainsaw River….and her skirt well she’s a cheerleader you get my point….stop arguing with the stupid little girls, they are confused and dumb….hit up the TESO Stress Test this weekend and play with some of the smart girls you know. I can’t even start to comment on how stupid that quoted miss informed, small minded twit sounds… Oops
    ❤ ya!

  3. Sounds like she must be a Christian… they cherry pick the Bible too.

  4. You don’t hate women, you just hate stupid feminists, the title is misleading.

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