Get Your PvEness out of My PvP

daisy_de_la_hoyaUsually I write a lovely recap post today, but something irked me.  Belghast wrote a lovely post, which other bloggers touched on, and a forum post. which delves into the issue.  I really have one thing to say to that.


First off I am not a hard core PvP’er by any means….but I am a PvP’er as opposed to a PvE’er. I have to deal with your crappy PvE all the time…FOR YEARS!. Remember Alterac Valley….that little BG that’s been around for YEARS!. Yeah it has PvE elements in it, that I despise. Why? Why do I need to wait for tanks to tank general, why do I need to to go get the mines for resources.

Also why do I need to go PvE for some BiS slot items for PvP.  Really? I have to put up with Carebears, and snotty nosed know it all kids who just stopped suckling at their mama’s teet.

Oh…you get ganked once in awhile. I really hope I’m the one ganking these people…revenge is a dish best served cold, and I got years of pent up rage just from AV…yeah 10+ hour slug fests build up a lot of anger.  So deal with it, and move on.


One Response to “Get Your PvEness out of My PvP”

  1. apparently you have to wait for a tank for the general because he would bitch slap your sorry ass. you need resources, because this is supposed to be war. wars take supplies. And you need to go PVE, in a game that was designed for pve for a couple items? as the eve community would say HTFU! you have it so damn good now in comparison to the early days. Back when alterac came out there were no PVP sets, no PVP items worth mention. the stuff you see now was redone to be actually somewhat useful for pvp. The PVP scrubs of old were completely at the mercy of the top raiding guilds, being bitchslapped whenever the guild got frustrated with whatever section of content they were working on. The real PVP, and competitive PVP game was hewn and formed as an addon to the PVE. I stopped playing WoW for one because of all of the class changes forced upon the PVE community in the name of “balance” So i would really be pleased if you could pull your PVP bullshit out of my PVE experience.

    Well, look at that 2, equally bitchy rants about a part of the game the other doesn’t care for. Is either objectively right? no. both are full of crap. the PVP’ers shouldn’t be the bastard children of WoW just because they came second, and really especially on a pvp server the PVE’ers have no reason to bitch. in the end you get a bit of battle PVE, and the other side gets at least market PVP. Play the game you want to, but if your happiness is predicated on the tears of others (ganking them) the you lead a sad existence.

    I am what would be called, in eve, a bittervet when it comes to WoW that is one of the reasons the themepark stopped being interesting to me. it isnt the game that drew me in TBC.

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