Took My Money, and Gave Me Crabs

bar-refaeli-marks-spencer-lingerie-ads-valentine-s-day-redSo the The Elder Scrolls Online, or TESO for short. Has announced some pre-order collections, tell you the truth. I’m not impressed. Ok I’m not huge on this series, never really played the games. I found the UI tiresome, but I only played on Console. It was hard for me to get into for some reason, maybe because I didn’t like the UI.

First of all I’m not a huge fan of Collector’s Editions to begin with. Thanks to being burned on games like Star Trek Online, and Diablo III. Also I noticed something that irked me. You buy a collectors edition you get to play a certain race, wait if it’s subscription model only way I can get that race is to pay more money, I think that’s a little shitty. Not to mention the pet they give is a crab…really? A crab..fascinating…. Take my money.

Will I try this game out, I might but it’s not high on my meters as to games I’m looking forward too….Heck right now the only game I’m kind of curious about is Wildstar. Otherwise I’m just going to be an old curmudgeon until CU, or War 40K: Eternal Crusade comes out.

3 Responses to “Took My Money, and Gave Me Crabs”

  1. I thought you played the closed beta? Or did you only get into that one stress test?

    I for one am quite excited over this and will probably get the collectors edition. Being able to play in any alliance is pretty awesome to me.

  2. I got into the beta too and didn’t bother. I think I’m pretty much done with other MMOs outside of WoW.

    I follow the same cycle with ‘the next big thing’ over and over so at this point I guess it’s time to just opt out.

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