In The Future There is Only War!

061213-ccc-warhammerSome pretty exciting stuff coming out of Behaviour. They seem really passionate about this game Eternal Crusade, and as their passion grows so does mine. Here’s the latest article from MMORPG…GO READ IT NOW…I’ll wait.

Ok done? Good.

Things that brighten me up, and keep me on the hype train…

1. Their willingness to show things – They really are proud of what they are doing. This is a good thing.

2. Their Passion – They love the IP. They show it respect, and I will love them and their game.

3. The Combat –  I think it will visceral, and awesome.

I can’t wait to unleash Chaos, for my Impurity will be my Armor, Hatred will be my Weapon, and Immortality will be my Reward!

3 Responses to “In The Future There is Only War!”

  1. Interesting….

    I never got into the 40k universe. I love their fantasy universe. Will keep an eye on this one for sure!

  2. That looks sweet! Here’s hoping tyranids will be part of the initial race set! 😛

    • Here’s the problem with Tyranids with an MMO they are not a true self thinking race…I think they will be used more as an NPC type enemy but I heard rumors that they want to include all races so we’ll see

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