Almost as Cold as my Soul

hot-witchWell here in Chicagoland it’s colder than a witch’s titty…(no offense to witches).  Luckily my soul is colder, and darker. Got some good World of Warcraft time in, and hit level 84 this weekend and closing in on 85. I don’t know if I’m looking forward to the Pandaria grind or not. I loathe Cataclysm dungeons with a passion, especially that water one in Vash’jr.

I had a pretty unexpected moment this weekend too, as I was running Stonecore for my first time since Cataclysm came out. I killed that dragon Slabhide, a purple popped up, Reins the Vitreous Stone Drake, I thought it only dropped in Heroic. Oh I’m not complaining at all. So it was a nice surprise. Told my buddy Scary about it, and he says he was trying for that drake for some time which was news to me. Heck first time I really heard about this dragon which is surprising since it’s an ugly ass dragon, and I like ugly mounts. I felt bad Scary was trying for this mount, and I got it first run….but he ended up getting it too this weekend.

I think I may do a few runs to try and get the Onyxia mount, it’s the other drake I always wanted…that and the Blue Proto Drake.

One Response to “Almost as Cold as my Soul”

  1. Grats it’s always good to get an unexpected drop.

    With regards to flying mounts I love my netherdrake but if I was going to swap it then would probably be for one of the drakes of the wind from cataclysm. The red one just looks badass

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