The Importance of Factions

d504c0f4dfe448aa990c0Stubborn over at Sheep the Diamond makes the case to remove factions. I have to agree to disagree. My first game was Dark Ages of Camelot, where factions were very important, and almost was at the core of who you were, because each faction had a different flavor including different classes.  Though I think PvP’ers enjoy factions more, I think it offers the PvE’ers more too

Reasons I Enjoy Factions –

1. I feel a part of something –  I took pride in being Horde, especially back in the day. I would swell with pride when I would hear, “For the Horde”. When I’m Alliance I feel something too. When you are working towards a common goal as a part of something, you feel like your working for something bigger then yourself, even if it’s killing the dragon for the 100th time.

2. Different Experiences – My PvE on different factions are different. Different quests, different things to do, different landscapes. Look at Ironforge, and then go look at Orgrimmar you feel the difference. I like having these differences.

3. Like Minded Fools – It seems factions have a different mindset then each other. Like Horde seemed a little more mature, and being the underdog and helped banded together more creating stronger bonds. The Alliance had numbers, and you were able to group together more easily.

4. I Love the Gray Area– I love things that question morality in these MMO’s like the Death Knight quests, or Wrathgate were Forsaken kill everyone there. I like my games to shadowed with evil, both from without and within. I don’t think these gray areas will come to play if there was no factions. You can’t have good…without evil.

5. More of the Same – I hated it when they gave Horde Pallies, and Alliance Shaman. I loved when factions have different classes, it’s like different flavors. I don’t like it when we are all the same.

6. It makes PvP more exciting – Sure we can have PvP without factions…but that would be lame indeed.

5 Responses to “The Importance of Factions”

  1. These are excellent points.

    I enjoy factions for several of these reasons, but I also hate that they are set in stone and mostly just divide people up. I’d prefer a hybrid of Everquest’s open factions with a more Dark Age design for each one.

    That way, your character can actually betray sides and you can talk to the enemy and the world doesn’t feel like three separate games.

  2. Man I miss the old vanilla wow faction pride 😦

    Back then it really meant something, these days you see opposite faction members helping each other kill mobs etc….not in my day I tell thee!

  3. Imakulata Says:

    Sorry for late comment but I wonder: in what way is factional PvP less lame than non-factional? I’d understand if the word was more; certainly, all interesting PvP modes I remember are non-factional or split factions, i. e. having teams, guilds or alliances fighting each other.

    I admit factions improve the fun factor of ganking (as ganked you are protected from your faction’s gankers and have bigger chance someone helps you) but as far as fun is concerned, even with the help ganking doesn’t get better than most of other forms of PvP.

    As for “more of the same”, I believe the old times will not return. Some games may discard the balance idea but the majority will balance because majority of people want to be able to help their groups, whether it’s because that gets them a place in their group or because of social obligations to others. Of course, someone may come with a game that balances everything while keeping it different but I am afraid companies will usually play it safe in this regard.

    • See the best PvP I ever had was in factions, like Dark Ages, Warhammer Online, or even World of Warcraft. The lore and the differences in the factions make war more fun. As a faction you share experiences, those experiences bind you, and make you feel more hate for the other faction…in PvP hate is good.

      • Imakulata Says:

        I agree with you, shared experiences are good indeed, however the best shared experiences I had was in smaller groups (such as guilds or alliances) while there was little difference between factions and servers for me in this regard.

        Maybe allowing players to choose and change factions (via in-game means, not cash shop – similar to e. g. WoW’s Scryes and Aldor or whatever their names were) would alleviate the factions’ disadvantages while satisfying those who like factions too.

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