I Stand Alone

88Belghast, and Rowan had a couple great posts that had me thinking about this thing I do called blogging. I had a couple thoughts of my own….

The Golden Age of Blogging

To me when I was blogging on my Warhammer blog The Way of the Chosen. It felt like there was more of a community. We we’re taking on the juggernaut of WoW, having a common enemy, brought us together. Mythic the company who made the game, supported and acknowledged us, which made me want to work harder for them.  Google Reader made it easier for people to access us, though I do this hobby for myself it’s nice seeing people reading what you write. It was easier to comment on blogs, nowadays it seems you have to jump through hoops of fire to comment on a blog.

As any follower of Tzentech knows all things change.

Struggle To Find Myself –

As I floundered with starting High Latency Life, and my new voice in the blogosphere. I had to realize what I want to do, and how i present myself to the internet. I decided that I would not write anything too heavy, that I shall be the bad boy of the blogosphere, and play devil’s advocate, stir the pot, and market my blog not as a fine book. My blog is the magazine you read while your on the shitter.

Keep Your Enemies Close –

I don’t have a sense of community anymore, I don’t belong anywhere. I’m not a great writer. I play alot of different games, though my focus is on WoW right now, that is sure to change. (Come on Mark hurry up with CU!!). I have my friends, those few in the blogosphere I keep checking, and commenting when I can.  Sometimes if I lose contact with someone it’s not because I don’t like them, it’s more like a time thing. I try to hit the people I love first, then everyone else when I have time.  Yes I still check in on my enemies, and I take great satisfaction when they are not active anymore. Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

To the Fallen –

I have been MMO gaming for over 10 years. I lost alot of people due to just us going our separate ways, and a few to death. This has jaded me, and sometimes it’s hard to make those deep connections like I use to. Alas this way of thinking carries over to my blogging mentality. Yes I followed, and knew some great bloggers, but for whatever reason they are gone. I honor them with the graveyard, but it’s hard to develop a new connection because well how long will this person be in my life?

I Don’t Really Stand Alone – 

I have alot (that’s for you K.)  of people that help me, and feed ideas to me. With twitter it gives me ideas on what to write, and what people want to talk about. I have some good friends that support me, and this blog. The many people who come to read the poop I write. I can’t thank all of you enough.  Sometimes though I feel like butter scraped over toast a little too much. I feel tired, and old in this craft of blogging. Alot of people I started blogging with, and inspired me are gone in the end sometimes I feel like I’m standing alone.

9 Responses to “I Stand Alone”

  1. Brat :-p

    I was talking to a guildie (and fellow blogger) this morning about how neither of us blog anymore.

    In both cases our jobs changed.

    When I first started blogging I was at a job where I had free time for about 90% of my day. Now I am lucky if I have 5% of free time during the day (I am including my lunch “break” in this as well.) For a while I wasn’t playing WoW much and didn’t have a heck of a lot to say. Then I started playing again and had no time.

    I have an entire section of my feed reader dedicated to old blogs. It always makes me happy to see posts from blogs long thought dead.

    Keep on keeping on my good sir. Even though I disagree with you 75% of the time, keep on keeping on.

  2. Hey, take me out of the graveyard already! (I did belong there.. like many bloggers, I came, I wrote, I went. But I am back.. with a bit of a vengeance!)

    I read each of your posts. My “follow” list of blogs has been cut in half – go check out my blogroll and anything with WRIP beside it (Writes Resting in Paradise) is a blog I frequented that is no longer active – but I keep the link there. Much like you, I am a sensitive sap when it comes to the past and community.

    hah, did you ever think you would be called sensitive? *grin*.

    Play, write, enjoy. Not necessarily in that order, but always have two of the three present =)

    • Ok your back in the land of the living. Didn’t know you were back. Glad to see you are. Now I’ll have to catch up with you. 😉

  3. I’ve noticed traffic taking a big turn downward in the past year. Lots of blogs up and quit back when Google Reader stopped being a thing. Even though WordPress doesn’t show my stuff being read from the RSS feed, I still like to pretend I get the hits I used to back in the glory days.

  4. scarybooster Says:

    I’m always with you. We might not be in the same guild, he, state or frame of mind, but you’ll always be a friend not just part of a “community”

  5. scarybooster Says:

    He is supposed to say game, but yet again my fast fingers and phone fail me again.

  6. I’ve ran several blogs in the past but always deleted them (i blogged under a different name back then) I’m the same with old wow toons I often delete them on a whim then regret it.

    Anyway as one of your long standing fans of the blog I’m glad you are still here doing your thang.

  7. […] it’s nice seeing people reading what you write. It was easier to comment on blogs, nowadays it see… […]

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