Twerking It

0So I’m twerking hard, reached 80, and about to hit 81 tonight I hope.

Couple things I’m going to mention.

I HATE THAT BEGINNING WATER ZONE! There is nothing in the World of Warcraft I think I hate more. I even hate that dungeon. It’s designed like poop, and it’s incredibly longer then it should be. I guess getting not some of the brightest players in there as well, does not help one bit.

The sooner I get out of Cataclysm the better, so I’ll be pressing the nose against the grindstone. In good news, I’m maxed out with Alchemy. I went with transmutation master, cause I like gold. Already back to making a positive cash flow.  I think I’ll work on Tailoring next.


One Response to “Twerking It”

  1. I’ll be avoiding vashjir on my rogue as hate it too. Mount Hyjal is a better zone imo and easier to level in

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