Weakly Lagout

High Latency Living

Still working on the Warlock, just hit 77…hopefully I turn 80 and head into Cataclysm this week. I have a debate though, I have two BOA’s of the 80 variety, and I would have to earn something like 2k justice points to upgrade, is it worth my time. How many dungeons do I have to run to get that much, don’t you usually get valor now? Or will the other 2-3 BOA’s be sufficient to plow through to 85?.  Any thoughts on this would be helpful.

Also having tough time with my decks in Hearthstone, also which kind of sucks is Hearthstone is giving me a hankering for Magic…I am looking to get back into it….but don’t want to spend the money.

High Latency Love –

Girl Grey aka Pansy Grey use to be a fellow blog writer, and she has come back to WoW. I really hope she gets back to the blogging world. I loved her writing, and was a huge fan. She recently shared a pic of her and her struggle with weight. I just want to say she inspired me to pick up the battle again, after a year or so of floundering (I use to weigh 500lbs about, now I’ve weighed 350-375 for about 2 years) She has inspired me to get back on the road to losing weight, and a healthier lifestyle. Thank you.

High Latency Laugh –


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