Power Overwhelming

zach_warlock-pets-loveI didn’t reach 80 this weekend, but I did hit 76. I took the Grimoire of Supremacy talent, and I love my new demons, well except Shivarra, but I’ll get to that.

Fel Imp – I love his little sayings. “It’s my favorite warlock!”

Voidlord – Just looks Bad Ass with his armor on!

Observer – Haven’t had to much chance to play with him, looking forward to maybe PvPing with him a bit.

Shivarra – I want my old Succubus back, she is way hotter, and sexier, but I guess she has her uses.

I got to say though I’m really enjoying the class, even though I don’t have portals anymore, or free food or water I don’t really seem to need those things on my own. I’m a soloing monster, and I can hold my own on dps as Destro.  When I hit 90, I might have to eat my words to all those dirty warlocks, cause I’m quickly becoming one of them.

One Response to “Power Overwhelming”

  1. Just knowing that you are a convert is enough for me

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