Douche Commercials are Sexist!

hot chicksA Massively writer just put up this little article.   Here’s my rebuttal.


1.> Men make the majority of the gaming market – True women have made some great inroads in gaming, but seriously it’s males who still are in the majority. So when you market games your going to shoot for the demographic your trying to sell to. It’s not sexist, it’s business, if it is sexist then all these Douche, and makeup commercials are sexist as hell, maybe I have that not so fresh feeling too.

2> Both Genders are highly sexualized – The men are big linebackers? Well when you can make a pudgy, glass wearing nerd warrior, then I might take issue with the sexy girl with heels.

3> It’s the Art Style – So now how things look their sexist, then lets burn down every art museum for being sexist.

4> Who defines what is beauty?- You need to look no further then magazine that cater to women. Men usually don’t turn down women who’s nails weren’t done perfectly.

5.>The graphics of the game is not the sole definer of the the game–  Sexist or not, if the game is crap it’s crap. Lets wait until it comes out, and then decide what, and or who they are all about. It’s in beta still.

6.> It’s just a fucking game – People need to ease the fuck up….really.

2 Responses to “Douche Commercials are Sexist!”

  1. scarybooster Says:

    Exactly! But you are talking nonsense common sense. Even tho I am as big as a linebacker with a pornstar cock that could choke a South African Python, I wouldn’t have a problem making a pudgy assed nerd with glasses.

    Btw I didn’t read the massively article and I won’t.

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