Arena Deck Choices

ConfusedSo I’ve been getting Hearthstoned lately, and seems to me I’ve been getting the short end of the stick with card choices. I mean really do i need a +1 to spell damage on my Garrosh the warrior hero, or just getting lously choices no matter what my hero. For another example once I chose the Warlock, I didn’t get many demons at all…like 2. Really? Seriously? 

As I play other people in Arena they seem to be having such a better deck then me, and when I do win it’s sheer luck. I mean someone whipped out a Deathwing card on me, and I haven’t had something epic like that in the last 5 times I’ve been in the Arena. 

Is it pure RNG that’s screwing me, or is there something more to this equation I’m missing. All I know is I hate spending my hard earned gold, just to bent over and Blizzard not even giving me the courtesy of a reach around.  All I want to do is compete on even ground, and unless they do a better job with the randomness of things, I don’t know if it’s entirely possible. 



3 Responses to “Arena Deck Choices”

  1. Each time I play in the Arena I feel the same way. I get crap card choices and whomever I am playing has the coolest cards.

    The first time I played Arena someone had a Grom Hellscream card. Dude that card was insane!

    I would like to play Arena more, but losing each game starts to get to you.

  2. Its RNG… Ive never dropped a dime in HS and my arena decks are just fine… Or well.. Most of them at least 🙂

    Just keep trying and you will beat the RNG

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