My Mortal Coil Brings All the Boys to the Yard

kaley-cuoco_l6A moment of silence for Kaley Cuoco for she is now a married woman, but I’m patient…oh so patient.

Anywho I’m rocking my awesome Warlock. I am about 72 right now. I went with the Affliction spec for now cause I hear in PvP that is the better spec for crappy gear, then when you get good gear go Destro.

Though I like Affliction spec, I prefer Demonology, or Destro…Demo is the fun spec I think. Destro is the I melt faces spec, and Affliction is I kill stuff slowly spec I think.

Can my Warlock friends answer a couple questions for me.

A> Gear- Do I need to gear differently for the specs?

B> When do you get the super cool demons, like the octopus one eyes guy, and which is better for raiding versus pvp?

C> It seems my Affliction sucks ass in the mana dept. Is there a rotation I should be using? Is there something I could be doing instead Rain of Fire with groups?

D> Is it me or does my robe make my human butt look big?

Well I look forward to the day I hit 90, and could PvP with the big dogs, until then grinding like a mofo.



9 Responses to “My Mortal Coil Brings All the Boys to the Yard”

  1. scarybooster Says:

    I’ve been running Affliction since level 60 and I’ve yet to come close to running out of mana or mana being an issue. My rotation is:
    1. That guy screaming face
    2. The purple hand dot
    3. Mushroom hat
    4. Black turd surrounded by green smells
    5. Haunt
    6. Purple haze
    7. Blue blur when I get the guy close to death with purple haze.

    Keep all your dots up on everything. When haunt hits everything will blow up with a massive flicker of yellow numbers.

    I always use voidwalker.

    1. We heal each other
    2. I never pull aggro
    3. I didn’t even know I had a mana bar
    5. You play wrong because shit dies quicker than Demonology. I want back to it last night and hated it. I’m going to replace it with destro

    • I hope you mean you use VW while soloing, other demon other places.

      • scarybooster Says:

        Ya no VW in dungeon unless tank dies then I pop him quick like. Other than that I use the eyeball

      • scarybooster Says:

        I just tried out destruction it hit ridiculously hard. Loving it. It seems Affliction is the PvP spec looking at the lacking glyphs

  2. You get the updated demons at level 75 if you take the talent that gives you them.

    I am no longer sure what Aff loves, it used to be Haste then Mastery, it might be the other way around. Destro loves Mastery and Crit. I have no idea on Demo.

    For raiding, you want to go destro until you get gear, then go aff. Aff scales REALLY well with higher level gear. I am not 100% on pvp you would have to ask Cynwise. Although I think he plays Destro for pvp.

    The pet you want to use while raiding is the felpuppy/observer. They do the most damage.

    You shouldn’t be using Rain of Fire with Aff, you should be using Seed of Corruption for your AoE mixed in with Soul Swap. But I don’t remember what levels you get those so you might not have them yet. RoF eats up your mana like crazy.

    Also, if you use your VW in instances, you are a bad warlock. Period.

    The only time it is acceptable is if there isn’t a tank.

    While soloing, the VW is preferred. Although at lower levels you can use the imp or the felpuppy to burn things down faster. For larger pulls, I prefer the VW. The Void Lord is even better.

    • Thanks

    • scarybooster Says:

      I’ve used Soul Swap but I don’t understand it. Can you tell me when I should use that and why?

      • Soul Swap copies your dots onto another target. I haven’t played affliction since the end of Cata so I don’t know 100% on how it works now.

        You used to be able to glyph it where your dots stayed on the first target and started fresh on the 2nd. I don’t know if the glyph still works that way or not.

        Affliction AoE is based upon putting your dots up on as many targets as possible. Soul Swap just makes it go faster.

  3. Kaley got hitched? Now I haz a sad. (Heh, as if I had a snowball’s chance…)

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