A Salute to a Fallen Comrade

Many Many Years Ago, my MMORPG history started with a game called Dark Ages of Camelot. In this game I forged a bond with many people that are still going today. One of those people was a Cleric called Elyzabel. She was a great cleric, and always willing to lend a hand. Then as the years passed we moved to World of Warcraft. She often played her Warlock, Zaxy.

It’s funny people that don’t play MMO’s don’t know that virtual friendship, is still friendship. Yes I never see some people in the flesh, but your still part of their life, and they are a part of yours. You are there in the good times, and bad. You share glimpses of each other’s lives, and there is a sharing there. Like real life sometimes you lose touch, but like real life there are those friends that are there through thick and thin. It was funny, even though Ely was going through some serious shit, she had the ability to make me laugh.

She was a great person, and a great guildie. Unfortunately she had some health issues, and was in failing health. Even though she was a fighter, and battled something fierce, she lost the battle, and she passed.

I will never chew virtual dirt with her again, and she will be missed. My prayers and thoughts are with her family, and children. Take care Ely aka Dani, may you rest in peace.

4 Responses to “A Salute to a Fallen Comrade”

  1. Very sad. Thoughts are with her friends and family. Which includes you.

    The connections with people are the best part of online gaming. I started as gaming friends with some, and now are on FB together, and hell, when/if we ever end up in the same time we go for a beer and chat.

    It used to be about the game, but it quickly becomes about the people, and their family, and their friends.. etc. It can become a true friendship/connection.

    I still visit my first guild boards for EQ (from the 90’s!!!) only a few of us go back there, but we still joke around about the good old days. EQ players were pioneering in some ways and man, the old beast is still chugging along.

    When you leave a gaming world (like DAOC – I have two friends from that game that I stay in touch with regularly) you often follow them to the next.

    This is why the social part of MMO’s is important. I find I make far fewer bonds like this than the old days. Maybe it is just me though =)

    • Thank you. No your right, I don’t make those kind of bonds anymore I wonder why that is. The dynamic of MMO’s now perhaps?

  2. Gone but not forgotten.


  3. My heart is sad, and she will be missed by so many. /salute Dani

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