Weakly Lagout

High Latency Living –

It’s time I think to head back into Azeroth, I had a long break thanks to Hearthstone, but I’m getting the itch again to melt some faces..(and heal some). Also I need to get back into the D3 Expansion. I really enjoy the Crusader class, though I picked the female avatar and she sounds like she smoked for 40 years. That’s just me.


High Latency Love –

She’s back, and has said some things that touched on how I feel lately myself in terms of WoW. Check her out at Clearcasting. 

High Latency Laugh – 


With that…





2 Responses to “Weakly Lagout”

  1. I think a lot of us are getting it in the feels. And I’ve got this guilt problem because of how excited the guild was to see me log in. And I’m all, who are these people?

    Man, things were easier when I could just log in and pew pew pew.

    And thanks for the link love.

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