bonggirlSo there are some patch changes, and two of my favorite decks have been affected. I’ll make no qualms about it but I love the Hunter, and Warlock decks I built, but a minor and major card change will effect that. 

The minor change is the Warlock’s Flame Imp. It does 3 damage to the Warlock now, instead of 2. This changes a little bit of my thinking cause it’s a great early game creature, with 2 damage that is easily made up with a good drain life, but with a cost of 3 now, it’s only one health I know, but that could be a world of difference in some matches. 

My biggest concern/hate is the Unleash the Hounds card is now 4 mana, and it summons 1/1 hounds now with charge, instead of giving your beasts +1 and charge. This is HUGE for us who love the Hunter decks.  Hell I built my Hunter Deck practically around this card. Well like World of Warcraft with every patch comes something new for your class that you love, why should Hearthstone be any different. I’ll rework my Hunter Decks and see what else I can do.

Still thinking of an Murloc heavy deck, but last time I tried that didn’t pan out so well though I think the class I was using didn’t lend itself to that. 


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